12 Best Rugs for Your Dining Room

Rugs can be a gorgeous accessory or statement piece in any dining room, but choosing the best rug for your dining room presents a particular set of challenges. Dining rooms are relatively high foot traffic areas, with lots of movement around the room and an increased risk of marking and staining. We’re going to break down the best size, material, and rug styles for dining rooms and show you our twelve favourites.

Best Size Rug for Dining Room

The best rugs for dining areas are always bigger so it’s important to take rug size into account. You should aim for a minimum of a 60-70cm border of rug around the table when all the chairs are tucked in, but more is often better.

When finding the best size rug for your dining room, the thing to focus on is this: when you or a guest is sitting at the dining table, you will need to push your chair out, stand up, and walk around the chair comfortably. Nobody wants to be tripping over the edge of the rug or catching their chair leg.

The guideline applies to different rug shapes as well. A good rule of thumb is that whatever shape the table is, the rug should match it, whether that’s square, rectangular, circular or oval.

Best Rug Material for Dining Room

When it comes to the best rug materials for dining rooms, the important thing is practicality. While a shaggy, white sheepskin rug might be well-suited in many rooms, it’s not a great idea in the dining room as keeping a sheepskin rug clean can be challenging! Remember that food or drink is likely to spill on the rug at some point in the dining room, so practicality is important. You should look for two main features – a short pile, and how easy the rug is to clean.

The best rug material for dining rooms is dependent on how you use your dining room. If you have a family with children or pets, we recommend flatweave rugs, as they are typically the hardiest rugs. One of the best rug materials for a family dining room is polypropylene. It’s hardy, stain-resistant and easy to clean, and we have a range of gorgeous designs.

For an adults-only home, you may prefer a thicker material, but keep in mind that it should have a short enough pile that you or any guests can pull out your chairs from the table with ease.

Style Tips for the Best Rugs for Dining Areas

Of course, the style of your rug will depend very much on your room. The first thing to decide is whether you want the rug to be a statement piece or a complementary accessory to your existing room. We recommend using the rug as a centrepiece and designing the rest of the room around it.

There is a rug for every aesthetic choice. If you choose a multi-coloured rug, try picking out a few colours as the accent colours for your dining room. A more classical Persian rug design could both complement a very traditional style or create a gorgeous contrast to a modern room. The possibilities are limitless, and the best rug for a dining area will depend on your preferred style choices.

12 Best Rugs for Dining Rooms

  1. Egyptian Check Flatweave Rug – available in four different colours, this minimalist rug make a gorgeous accompaniment to any colour palette. The grey (pictured) is ideal for boosting a neutral room.

2. Trellis Flatweave Rug – this bright, bold design is easy to clean and comes in a rich, deep red that can be used as a perfect accent colour in the rest of the room. The contrasting white keeps this rug light, making it an ideal accent piece.

3. Greek Key Flatweave Rug – designed for durability, this rug transports you to waves lapping at sandy Greek beaches with its meander design and regal blue colour.

4. Moda Deco Flatweave Rug – made with polypropylene yarn, this 1920s art deco design is as timeless as it is hardy. A modern and very stylish addition to any family home.

5. Clarence Simetri Rug – made of new-generation yarn to be strong but incredibly soft, this symmetrical design makes an excellent centrepiece to any dining room.

6. Moda Cube Flatweave Rug – this contemporary geometric design is an understated and subtle piece that is easy to clean and gorgeous.

7. Carmen 3D Effect Geometric Rug – this abstract geometric design is a very modern piece and is both fade- and stain-resistant. The yellows are a wonderful way to complement a neutral colour scheme.

8. Moda Chevron Flatweave Rug – a bold and brightly colourful anti-slip rug, perfect for busy families. The combination of rich blue and light white chevrons can complement a range of aesthetic choices.

9. Clarence Tribal Rug – this design is a traditional rug with a modern twist, with rich, warm colours and intricate detail: it really is a piece of art. Stain- and fade-resistant, this rug won’t let you down!

10. Jasper Hand-Tufted Wool Rug – it doesn’t get more vibrant than this 100% wool rug. Hardwearing and easy-to-clean, this rug would bring a perfect pop of colour to a monochromatic dining room.

11. Hand-Tufted Arabesque Rug – an extra-large rug, we find that you just can’t beat the emerald colour’s richness in this hardy piece, hand-tufted in India. Ideal for an adults-only home, this rug will be the talk of the table at your next dinner party.

12. Modern Sand Patchwork Rug – a subtle rug reminiscent of natural stone, this piece makes a perfect complement to almost any room. It’s so easy to clean that you could even use it outside!

When it comes to the best rugs for dining rooms, you could plan the room design around the rug or fit the rug into an existing room design. Either way, the rug will be a perfect addition and make the room that much more stylish.

To get started placing rugs in the rest of your home, check out our rugs by room feature. For more style tips, please read our guide to what rugs are suitable for kitchens and make your kitchen and dining areas a stylish sociable space to entertain family and friends.

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