20 of the Best Outdoor Rugs

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With summer just around the corner and outdoor meeting being the name of the game this year, we’ve collected twenty of the best outdoor rugs to spruce up your garden or patio. Rugs can make a stylish addition to any outdoor space – bringing a typically indoor item outside can bring your patio together into a stylish space.

Best Materials for Outdoor Rugs

When you’re shopping for outdoor rugs (or if you’re wondering if a rug you already have would work outdoors), the most important thing to keep in mind is the material.

We recommend rugs made of synthetic fibres for outdoor use. We have found that the best materials for outdoor rugs are polypropylene (also known as olefin), polyester and nylon.

Polypropylene is UV- and stain-resistant, polyester resists staining and often has a more affordable price tag, and nylon handles wear and tear well.

The best material for an outdoor rug depends on where your rug will be placed, how often it will be in the sun and how high the foot traffic is in that area (in particular, think of kids or pets running over it a lot).

Within that, flatweave rugs are often the best style as they are easy to clean and very durable.

Best Outdoor Patio Rugs

  1. Moda Black Chevron Rug – made of polypropylene yarn, this sturdy rug is understated in black in grey. It would go perfectly with pops of colour from patio furniture (think accent cushions or accessories).

2. Clarence Giresun Rug – this classic tribal piece draws inspiration from Turkey, and with fade- and stain-resistant properties, this is a great choice for homes with kids or pets.

3. Carmen 3D Effect Geometric Pattern Rug – this chic geometric rug truly draws the eye with bold lines and stylish colours. As well as style, it is hardwearing and an affordable way to quickly take your patio to a new level.

4. Trellis Red Flatweave Rug – this anti-slip rug is easy to clean, with a very low pile to avoid collecting dirt in the fibres. It comes in five different colours and a classic trellis design.

5. Blue and Cream Trellis Portland Rug – this gorgeously vibrant rug is hardy and easy to maintain. Its bright colours will complement any outdoor space and it’ll look amazing when there’s blue skies.

6. Moda Grey Deco Flatweave Rug – durable and anti-stain, this contemporary rug would be the perfect accessory to grey patio furniture, which is very in this year.

7. Clarence Tribal Rug – we’re back in Turkey with another tribal-inspired piece. We absolutely love the detail work on this rug, and although it’s resistant to both fading and staining, it’s made with super soft yarn so it always feels great underfoot.

8. Modern Grey Patchwork Rug – a unique statement from Belgium, the shades of grey in this rug make it look almost stony and creates a very natural vibe. The state-of-the-art polypropylene yarn ensures it’s low maintenance and easy to clean.

9. Tropicana 823 K Rug – if you want to bring a bit of wilderness into your design, the Tropicana is the best outdoor patio rug for you! Made in Egypt and featuring bright leaves on an animal print background, this rug is very natural. What’s more, it’s even water-resistant with a combination of polyester and polypropylene.

10. Hand-Tufted Arabesque Emerald Rug – this one is a little different – while it is hardwearing, it is made with wool and hand-tufted in India, meaning it may be slightly more high-maintenance than the others on this list. However, it’s just so gorgeous that we had to include it; who can resist that incredible emerald green?

11. Clarence Souk Rug –the Clarence Souk has a very rustic feel thanks to its Turkish design. We love the heart of the design transporting us to a Turkish souk (or marketplace), and this rug could stand up to the foot traffic in a souk with its durable design.

12. Apollo Multi-Coloured Diamond Rug – if you’re looking for colour, look no further! This tribal-inspired rug is soft to walk on but hardwearing and durable. Hailing from Egypt, the crisp lines and bright colours make it a stylish accessory in any patio space.

13. Bedale Modern Grey Textured Rug – a rug inspired by Moroccan and Islamic art. This timeless grey piece with geometric patterns is neutral and a statement that will fit into any space, especially as it’s so durable and easy to clean.

Tropicana 596 X Rug – another fierce animal-print rug, Jacquard-woven with bright tiger stripes, the Tropicana 596 X is composed of a combination of synthetic materials for the best durability.

15. Egyptian Red Check Flatweave Rug – although a simple design, this rug represents the geometric designs that are woven throughout Egyptian textile history. The lines are clean and simple, so they make a perfect accessory to your patio furniture.

16. Greek Key Blue Flatweave Rug –  the border on this piece is a classic Greek design, and the cool blues are ideal for those too-hot summer days. Designed with durability in mind, this rug is anti-slip, stain-resistant and easy to clean.

17. Egyptian Black Check Flatweave Rug – clean and straightforward, the neutral black in this piece will go well with most colour schemes and is great to accessorise with bright furniture or decorations. It will help to make any greenery or bright flowers in your garden pop!

18. Moda Blue Chevron Flatweave Rug – this bold, modern design will suit any patio design, and this rug is bright enough to be a fantastic statement piece. It’s hardy and durable, so perfect for outdoor use.

19. Jasper Charcoal Hand-Tufted Wool Rug – it doesn’t get brighter than this. Our Jasper rugs are produced in India, and this one reflects the vibrant culture there in bright colours and snappy designs.

20. Modern Green Patchwork Rug – the natural colours in this piece mean that it works perfectly as an outdoor rug and, of course, is made using polypropylene yarn to ensure it’s low maintenance and stays clean and gorgeous with little effort.

And there you have it – our twenty best outdoor rugs! We think that these are the best outdoor patio rugs to help you elevate your outdoor space. For more ways to get your patio ready for the summer, check out the patio makeover tips on our blog or browse our complete collection of outdoor rugs.

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