How to Introduce the 2020 Colour into Your Home

2020 colour

Each year since 2000, New Jersey-based, colour-matching experts at Pantone choose a colour of the year. The choice of colour is generally based on ascending colour trends and is decided by representatives from across the globe at a secret meeting, following presentations and debates. Pantone’s 2020 colour of the year is classic blue, described by Pantone as:

Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

2020 colour
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Pantone colours of the year have found their way into homes across the world since their debut, and we expect this year to be no different. The 2020 colour, Classic Blue, is a stylish and timeless hue with a versatility that lends itself to almost all aspects of the home. If you’d like to add some blue tones to your home but aren’t sure they’ll work in your existing colour scheme, check out the rug colour guide or read our blog post on the best colour combinations for your home (and which are worth avoiding).

For a central focal piece or accent, add the depth of Classic Blue to your home with a rug. We’ve chosen a selection of our favourite Classic Blue rugs for you:

Dive into blue

The plain Denim Blue Harmony rug offers a deep pop of blue with its textured, yet simple, design. Perfect for rooms with lots of footfall, the hardwearing fabric of this rug is soft with high density, entwining comfort and practicality. This particular rug looks fantastic against a wooden floor and works well on carpet too. The options for placement of this rug are endless – why not try it as a focal point in your living room, beneath your dining table, or at the foot of your bed?

rug colours

A Touch of Blue

If you’re looking for a more subtle infusion of blue, a patterned rug is a fantastic alternative. The Blue Berber Noble Shaggy Rug is beautifully neutral while also benefiting from the contrast and depth of the blue detailing with a tribal finish.

Practical luxury

Who said luxury had to be difficult to keep clean? This plush, Dark Blue Deluxe Washable Rug adds a new level of warmth and richness to your space. Even better, it’s washable too.

Flatweave rugs are not only known for their durability but are also stylish and easy to clean. The Egyptian Blue Check Flatweave Anti-Slip Rug offers the benefits of flatweave while also providing a two-toned blue rug for your room.

Geometric Blues

Geometric is still going strong! Disperse blue with a geometric pattern such as the Moda Blue Chevron Flatweave Rug or the Trellis Blue Anti-Slip Durable Flatweave Rug. If you’re worried about adding a bold blue to an otherwise neutral space, patterns incorporating cream are a brilliant vehicle for a muted blend of the classic shade. For extra advice with this, our blog post on how to introduce bold colours in a room will help you consider creative ways to incorporate colour in a way that feels true to your aesthetic.

rug colours
2020 colour

You can take the 2020 colour even further by adding blue to other elements of your home. These blue additions are reversible or easily changed but add a noticeable change:

  • Blue scatter cushions
  • Blue throw blankets
  • Painting a feature wall blue
  • Blue vases or ornaments on the mantle or coffee table
  • Blue tiles
  • Blue lamps
2020 colour

We hope you feel inspired to harness the 2020 colour, Classic Blue, in your home. If you’re keen to explore the whole spectrum of rug colours, browse by colour to change things up in 2020!

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