3 Ways to Create a Reading Nook

reading nook

There is nothing better than losing yourself in a good book, escaping from reality and the stresses of everyday life. A reading nook provides the perfect space to relax and enjoy your book. Whether you want a swanky modern reading nook or a cosy reading corner, we have some great reading nook ideas to give you some inspiration to create your reading corner.

1. A Cosy Reading Corner

A simple and effective idea. Dedicate a corner of your favourite room in the house to become your reading nook. You can make it as cosy as you want to! Try putting a bean bag, a big cushion, or a comfy chair into the corner. You could place a shelf next to your seat or a little coffee table for you to store your books and put your cup of tea. To make your reading corner feel extra magical, decorate your bookshelf or coffee table with fairy lights for some sparkle or a house plant for a pop of colour. Finally, place a soft rug, such as a wool rug or shaggy rug, in your reading nook area to make your cosy reading corner feel separate from the rest of the room so you can truly escape into your book.

2. A Hanging Reading Nook

Who says hanging seats are just for children? A hanging seat is a perfect place to get comfortable and become lost in your book. There are so many different styles of indoor hanging seats, ranging from a wicker seat to a chic hammock, so you can easily find one to match your desired look. Hanging seats tend to work best in a naturally well-lit corner of a room with a matching coffee table or bookshelf next to the chair. Depending on the style of hanging seat you choose, you could fill it with big cushions and blankets so you can snuggle down to read your book.

3. A Reading Nook with a View

If you have a stunning view from a window in your house, why not place a bench or seat underneath that window so you can read your book with a view? You could soften this style of reading nook by decorating with blankets, cushions or even by placing a sheepskin rug on the bench for something luxuriously soft and a little bit different. You could store your books either on a shelf next to the window or in small wicker baskets for a more relaxed look.

The point of a reading nook is to create your own little haven within your home that you can relax and unwind while your imagination runs away with your new novel. Therefore, there is no right or wrong way to create a reading corner so enjoy creating your little reading corner. For more interior inspiration, check out the Rug Traders blog.

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