3 Ways to Keep Sheepskin Rugs Fluffy


There’s nothing better than walking across or laying on a sheepskin rug, especially during the colder months of the year. Although, after some time, sheepskin rugs can sometimes lose their extra fluffiness, making them look a little worn and feel rough. In order to gain that softness, there are a few easy steps you can put into practice, to ensure your sheepskin rug is rejuvenated just in time for winter and remains nice and fluffy all year round.


How to keep sheepskin rugs fluffy

1. Correct living conditions

If you’ve read our previous post, a complete guide to sheepskin rug care, you may be familiar with the concept we are about to discuss. The conditions of which your sheepskin rug is living in can have a large effect on its fluffiness and softness. As sheepskin is a natural product it can be a sensitive material, particularly when it comes to sunlight and damp conditions. If a sheepskin rug is exposed to strong sunlight, it could dry out the rug skin causing it to lose its softness. Mould is another risk to sheepskin when conditions are damp as mould can cause the fibres to curl up which affects the rug’s soft quality. In order to keep your rug in good, soft, fluffy condition, be sure to keep it out of sunlight and nice and dry!

2. Washing with care

If you can avoid getting your sheepskin rug wet at all that would be ideal, however, if you need to know how to make a sheepskin rug soft again after it’s already become rough, then washing it could help. Remember, to always look at the label of your rug, as some may need to be dry cleaned. Also, whichever way you wash your rug be sure to be extra careful!

If you are planning on machine washing your rug, then it’s extremely important that it’s washed on a very low temperate, preferably 30 degrees or below. When washing in a machine, be sure to use wool shampoo.

For those of you who will be hand washing your rugs due to recommendations on the tag, then make sure you use cool or lukewarm water in the bathtub for washing:

  • You need to wash the rug with specialist sheepskin/wool detergent, it needs to non-bio and also pH neutral to ensure the rug doesn’t get ruined. To avoid any mishaps, it may wise to test the product on a small, discreet area first.
  • Then, soak the rug in the water for a couple of minutes, move the rug accordingly to get rid of any dirt.
  • After that, all you need to do is rinse off the rug in cold water a couple of times and squeeze the rug out very carefully, but don’t wring the fabric as this can cause damage.

3. Drying with patience

The drying process when discovering how to soften sheepskin rugs is essential. It’s important to be patient and careful when drying a rug to ensure its fully revitalised to its fluffy self. In order to avoid permanent damage DO NOT tumble dry a sheepskin rug or place it on a hot radiator. To dry a sheepskin rug correctly:

  • Simply pat down the rug with extra towels to try and soak up moisture.
  • Then, leave it to dry on a different towel, lying flat on the floor away from any heated radiators or sunlight, as previously mentioned.
  • To ensure extra fluffiness is restored, we recommend using a metal-bristled brush to lightly fluff the rug, then slowly and gently brush it out once it has fully dried.

We hope you manage to restore your sheepskin rug to its natural fluffy state with this help of this post! To find out the medicinal and other benefits of sheepskin rugs then please read our previous article. Or, alternatively, head back to our online store to see all our fabulous rugs.