5 Loft Interior Ideas to Transform Your Space


Loft conversions are an increasingly popular home renovation trend. A well-designed loft conversion provides additional room without the need to compromise on outdoor space. They also tend to add value to your property!

It can be challenging to brainstorm loft interior ideas because lofts can be small and somewhat awkward spaces. However, with the right design choices, you can easily achieve a space that is both functional and valuable.

We’re going to give you top tips on how to decorate a loft and provide you with some loft conversion décor inspiration.

Idea #1 – Keep colours light and bright

When it comes to loft conversion interior design, you should aim to use a light, bright and neutral colour palette. Lofts tend to be smaller spaces, so using these types of colours will make the room feel bigger, airier and will open up the space nicely.

More often than not, you can afford to keep your loft conversion décor light and neutral because the room will receive less footfall. A smaller, single-use space at the top of your home will not see as many guests as your hallway or downstairs living area. So, you can worry less about keeping your neutral decorations and furnishings clean.

Some top attic décor tips to brighten your space include painting your walls in light hues and opting for a cream or beige coloured rug.

Idea #2 – Take advantage of architectural features

Loft spaces usually have interesting architectural features, such as wooden beams and slanted ceilings. Don’t be put off by these design elements – they add character and should be shown off!

If you have sloping ceilings, installing skylights is an excellent way to maximise light. The brighter your space, the bigger and more inviting it will feel.

Original features such as beams and bare brickwork also make fantastic design elements. Such architectural features can add an industrial twist to your loft, which is a popular interior design trend, especially for home offices.

Idea #3 – Add a rug to minimise noise

A loft conversion is the highest room in the house, which means you’ll need to consider how to reduce the sound of footsteps and moving furniture.

One of the most effective, affordable ways to do this is to add a rug to your loft space. Rugs offer many benefits, including a level of soundproofing that hard flooring does not provide.

The thicker the rug, the better the soundproofing. Shaggy rugs and sheepskin rugs make excellent choices, and they add additional comfort to any space. For extra soundproofing, you should place a rug pad underneath your rug.


Idea #4 – Maximise storage space

Extending your home via a loft conversion provides you with additional, valuable space. So, be sure to utilise every bit of that space, even if it initially looks awkward or challenging.

A top tip is to invest in custom-made storage, including wardrobes or drawers. Custom storage is ideal for lofts; they enable you to maximise on space and allow you to be super selective in the design process.

Floating shelves are another space-saving loft conversion décor idea. They take up less room than regular shelving units and act as an effective storage space or as a sleek display unit.

Idea #5 – Consider the room’s purpose

A loft conversion can be transformed into a bedroom, bathroom, home office, lounge space and more!

Before starting your loft conversion, you should think carefully about the room’s purpose. The size and architectural features of your loft will help to dictate what type of room would work best.

One of our favourite ideas is to transform your loft conversion into a home office. Working from home is becoming more common, so having a completely separate and private office space should improve your productivity. If you have teenagers, a separate home office will provide them with a space to focus on their studies.


If you’re limited on room, why not transform your loft space into a reading nook? Reading nooks work perfectly as a dedicated, inviting space to relax with a new book. A small loft with sloping ceilings would certainly make the ideal, cosy spot for a reading nook. 

Loft conversions are a fantastic solution to anybody looking to increase their living space. Whether your loft is small or large, transforming it is an excellent way to add value to your home.

We hope our loft conversion interior design tips have given you a dose of inspiration on how to maximise and style your space effectively. For even more ways to utilise space, have a read of our blog post on our ideas for a garage conversion.