5 Ways to Baby Proof Rugs


The rugs you have in your home can play a great part in bringing each room together, as well as the look and feel of the entire home. However, when there’s a baby in the house, it’s important for things to be safe and suitable, rugs included. There are lots of stylish baby friendly rugs out there and loads of ways to adapt the ones you already own into baby proof rugs, so that you don’t have to change every single one in each room.

This guide on the five best ways to baby proof rugs lets you know which are the best rugs for babies based on texture. Also, it includes some top tips on making sure your rugs are safe, practical and suitable for the room they’re in, as well as serving their interior design purpose.


1. The Best Rugs for Babies Based on Texture

Sheepskin Rugs

When it comes to baby friendly rugs, you want a rug material that is soft and comfortable for baby to crawl around and play on, which is why sheepskin rugs work perfectly for tiny tots. As sheepskin has medicinal benefits, it’s particularly useful for younger babies as it can help to regulate body temperature. Overall, they are easy to clean with their fibres being naturally dirt resistant. In addition, they’re both durable and affordable whilst feeling great on baby’s skin, which is why they are our number one choice when it comes to the best rugs for babies.

Wool Rugs

Another great baby friendly option is a wool rug which is known for being comfortable, warm, soft and durable, making wool perfect for little ones to scoot around on. However, be sure to check the quality of the wool rug you like before you buy it and allow it to go through a shedding period of around 3-4 months before baby is introduced to it. The great news is wool rugs are ideal when it comes to cleaning as wool contains less static electricity to attract dirt.

2. Washable Rugs

With washable rugs, you have the flexibility of being able to wash the rug at home in the machine should any baby or child-related accidents or spillages occur. If you want to know more about choosing the right rug for your child’s bedroom, then please read our previous post.

Although washable rugs tend not to be made from the softest of textures, all you need to do is pop a blanket over the rug to make things more cosy for baby, knowing that everything can just be popped in the wash if stains go through, leaving the carpet and flooring stain free.

3. Anti-Slip Safety Mat

When it comes to baby proof rugs, in order for baby to stay safe and in one spot, an anti-slip mat is the perfect solution. Particularly effective as backing for rugs that lay on hardwood, laminate or tiled floors, these anti-slip mats provide the friction needed to make sure your rug doesn’t budge and, therefore, neither does baby.


4. Colours and Shapes

Colourful and patterned rugs can really engage babies and get them using their senses and, therefore, aid their development. Sometimes t’s the simplest things that catch a baby’s eye and you may find the rug keeps them more entertained and causes them to explore it much more than the toys on the rug with them.

 5. Consider the Space

Finally, although baby friendly rugs need to be soft and safe, they also need to be practical. So, before you purposefully go out and purchase lots of baby proof rugs, have a think about where in the house you will need them. For example, having a thick sheepskin rug in a nursery would be a good idea to cushion falls when learning to crawl and walk, also to safely catch any items that go overboard from the cot. If you are looking for more ideas on how to decorate a nursery, then please check out our previous post for some great interior design tips!

If you would like to view any of the baby-friendly rugs mentioned in this post, please head over to our online shop. Or, keep reading our blog for more family friendly interior design tips and guidance.

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