6 Benefits of Area Rugs for the Home

Area rugs are more than just a decoration, they boast a whole range of benefits. If you’re thinking about investing in this type of rug for your space, check out these 9 benefits of area rugs for your home, to help you in making an informative decision!

Extra Comfort

If you have hard floors that are bare, having a rug to break them up helps to provide a little comfort to you underfoot. Whether a lavish and thick pile to bounce on as you walk over it, or a rug with a shorter pile, having that bit of texture helps to introduce a little comfort to your floor space.  Understanding rug pile will help you to choose the level of comfort you are looking for.

Added Warmth

With this comfort comes some extra warmth. If you don’t have underfloor heating, hard floors can be notoriously cold. Not only does this make you feel cold when walking across the room, but it also emanates cooler temperatures into the rest of your room. This is particularly the case with hardwood flooring, as heat can often escape between the cracks. Area rugs have a great insulating property that will feel much warmer to walk over. And the bigger the rug, the less cold flooring there is. This added insulation can contribute towards reducing the cost of heating your room.

Noise Reduction

Without rugs or carpet, a room can be echoey and produce a lot of noise when walked over. This can contribute to a space feeling cold and empty. An area rug can made the world of difference in absorbing sounds and making a space feel more welcoming.

Beneficial for Allergy Sufferers

It wasn’t until relatively recently that people were aware of rugs and carpets being beneficial for allergy sufferers, but the reasoning is simple; rugs trap allergens and prevent them from floating around the air for people to breathe in. Rugs are also easier to clean than hard floors. So if you or someone in your home suffers from allergies, you might notice that the presence of an area rug helps to alleviate symptoms.

Better Grip

A large downside to hard flooring is the fact that it creates a slippery surface. This is dangerous for young children with little feet that love to run around the house, as it increases the likelihood of accidents happening. However, place a rug with an anti-slip mat underneath onto your flooring, and you have a surface that feet can grip onto.

Area rugs are good for preventing unwanted furniture movement, providing a good surface to keep furniture in place. Although make sure that the pile of your rug is suitable for your furniture; a thick pile can make it hard to balance light pieces of furniture on, such as side tables and floor maps. For heavy pieces of furniture that won’t topple over, such as sofas, a thick pile is fine.

Visual Benefits

Aside from all of the practical benefits, an area rug can be a decorative rug that really ties a space together. This can be done subtly with neutral colour tones, or you can make a statement with something bold and patterned. If your room is missing a little something, a rug can fill in the gap nicely.


As you can see, there are many benefits of having an area rug in your home. Even if you’re searching for a rug that will improve the visual look of your room, you can reap the benefits mentioned in this post. Browse our wonderful range of rugs and keep up to date with our blog for more interior design tips!

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