6 Benefits of Wool Rugs


Choosing the right rug is so important as they have the power to add effortless style, a touch of cosiness whilst tying all your furniture together too. Therefore, picking the right rug material is essential to determine whether the design and colour is going to stay on trend for years to come.

Wool rugs are renowned for their quality and durability so whilst they may be a little more expensive, they are often well worth the investment. Read on to discover the benefits of wool rugs and why they are so popular.

1. Wool rugs are low maintenance.

A big advantage of wool is that it is naturally stain resistant due to the fibre coating known as lanolin which protects the wool from dirt. Another benefit of wool rugs is that they do not need hoovering or cleaning as often as synthetic rugs – hooray! This is because the fibres within the wool have tiny pockets where dust can be collected rather than sitting on the surface.

For more information on rug maintenance and how to stop your rug from shedding, our recent blog post explores the best cleaning and care advice to keep your rug looking its best. A key benefit of wool is its long lasting durability, this is due to the natural crimp in the wool which can offer a ‘bounce-back’. This reduces the appearance of pile compression from footwear or furniture making wool rugs perfect for a busy family home! 

2. Wool is sustainable.

At a time where it is becoming increasingly important to be eco-friendly, wool rugs are the way forward for home furnishings! The key benefit of wool is that it is an incredibly sustainable floor covering. Mainly as it produced by sheep fed on pastures and takes only one eighth of the energy required in its production compared with other synthetic materials.

Wool is also naturally renewable and biodegradable, meaning that wool rugs last longer but they are also safer for the environment if disposed of too. This means that purchasing a wool rug not only adds enviable style to your home, you are also being a friend to the environment. For more tips on how to make your home more eco-friendly check out our blog post which explores the lifestyle and product changes you can make to be more sustainable.

3. Wool is naturally family-friendly.

Wool is a natural fibre so it produces oils and moisture that make it flame-resistant and exhibits a lower flame spread than synthetic fibres.. Similarly, wool has been found to act as a natural filter as it can absorb indoor contaminants and purify the air and harmful gases. As previously mentioned, wool rugs have a natural crimp which acts as a natural spring meaning that if someone (child or adult) were to fall on the rug, their landing would be slightly cushioned by the wool.

4.Wool material stays vibrant and colourful.

Wool has remained a popular floor covering material over the years partly due to its vibrant colour. This is because wool has the ability to absorb more dye than other synthetic materials so the wool rug can remain vibrant in colour for much longer than other rug materials.

5.Wool rugs are hypoallergenic.

A great advantage of wool rugs is that they are naturally hypoallergenic. This is due to the tiny pockets within the wool fibre that hide dust, pollen and fungal spores, keeping them out of your breathing space and sneeze free. Tip: if you place your rug in the sun on a nice day, the suns UV rays will kill any dust mites without the need for any harsh chemical products or expensive treatments.

6. Wool looks and feels great!

Obviously, one of the main reasons wool rugs have stood the test of time is because they simply look and feel great! Wool rugs continue to offer enviable style, comfort and durability making them the most long-term and cost-effective choice of rug compared with any other material.

Now you have an understanding of the benefits of wool rugs, take a look at our stunning collection of wool rugsand explore the different shapes and styles to suit your home.

If you’re spoiled for choice, check out some of our favourite wool rugs: the Harrogate Luxury Tribal Wool Mix Rug, the Chatsworth Cream Wool Rug and the Capri Hand-Loomed Natural Wool Rug for some rugspiration.

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