6 Studio Apartment Design Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

6 Studio Apartment Design Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Studio apartments offer a compact living space so that people can invest in an affordable apartment that has all of the necessary amenities needed in as little square footage as possible.Although studio apartments can be practical when done right, they can also be cluttered and impractical without receiving the right design attention. Implementing a good studio apartment design is therefore imperative in determining how functional the space can be, as well as stylish, of course.If your attempts to make your studio apartment work best for you are failing, this post will act as a guide for some quality studio apartment ideas.

1. Space-Saving Storage is Important

Nifty storage can go a long way in helping you to get the most out of your compact studio apartment. We don’t mean taking up all of your floorspace with chunky drawers and boxes – absolutely not! – but instead finding storage space in areas that would otherwise be unused.In a studio apartment, your bed is likely to be one of your biggest pieces of furniture and therefore a key space for finding storage; having space under your bed is just waiting to be utilised! If you already have a bed with space underneath, a great studio apartment design idea is to invest in some budget pull-out drawers that can fit snugly underneath. Alternatively, there are many beds that can be bought with pre-fitted storage underneath. Here you can keep everything from clothing to towels, clean bedding, shoes etc. Multi-functional furniture can be a lifesaver for your studio!

2. Create Cleverly Divided Areas

The whole concept of studio apartment design is that all of your rooms are in one – bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen; but a good studio apartment décor idea is to try and divide these spaces so that you don’t feel as though you are cramped into one room.A great way to do this is to utilise cleverly-placed rugs as a way of dividing these areas. You could either place several rugs in the room, say one underneath the dining room table, one by your bed – sheepskin rugs make lovely bedside rugs – and a kitchen rug in front of your units. Alternatively, you could place just one rug in your studio apartment and have it in one defined area, which can still act as a subtle division.

3. Promote a Light and Bright Space

Among our small studio apartment ideas, and this is an important one, is to promote a light an airy space. The biggest disadvantage you can give to your small apartment is to include too many dark colours in your furniture, accessories, and wall colour.You don’t have to spend a lot of money and replace all of your furniture, but instead try your hand at a little DIY and paint any dark or wooden furniture with a lighter paint shade. This can really modernise old home pieces and make your studio feel lighter and more spacious than it actually is. Take a look at Country Living‘s advice on how to paint furniture for some top-tips that will help you to avoid any paint-related mistakes.If your studio has dark or tired flooring and replacing it is an expense you wish to avoid, the use of chic textiles can quickly transform your space, and can be a much more budget-friendly alternative. Choose a rug that suits your style and make sure you check the measurements to make sure it fits in with your studio’s size!

4. Studio Apartment Design Layout is Important

When space is as limited as it often is with a studio apartment, your furniture arrangement is extremely important and provides you with a chance to get really clever in an attempt to make your space feel bigger.The experts over at Apartment Therapy have identified some inspirational studio apartment layout ideas to make the most of your space. Here they offer the idea, amongst others, of separating areas using storage furniture. Trunks, shelves and side tables can help to segregate your space whilst being useful in providing valuable storage.

5. Create Illusions to Maximise Space

Don’t worry, this studio apartment idea doesn’t involve performing any magic tricks – unless you already have something up your sleeve (get it?) – but instead involves the clever usage of mirrors. Mirrored surfaces are fantastic at creating the illusion of space and making an apartment feel and look bigger than it actually is. A cleverly placed mirror can be a valuable asset for a small studio apartment, and mirrors don’t have to be too costly.

6. Introduce Stylish Accessories

If you thought your ability to make a studio apartment look attractive would be limited, you’re mistaken! There is ample opportunity to make your small apartment as chic as possible with the right furnishings and accessories.Although it’s beneficial to have a light colour palette, you can still introduce some stylish tones and personality into your small space. Hanging some stylish prints on the wall can move attention away from the small space. Equally, having some proportionately-sized house plants can help your studio apartment to feel fresh. Not to mention cushions, which are brilliant for dressing your bed and chairs to enhance comfort and style in one go.Your small space has a lot of potential and with these studio apartment ideas in tow, you can have your small apartment looking chic and feeling homely in no time. If you need any rug-inspiration, we have a lovely variety within our collection, so be sure to take a look.

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