7 Rug Mistakes You Need to Avoid

It can take a while to find the perfect rug for your space, but the right rug can tie a room together perfectly. Whether you’re looking for warmth, comfort, a feature, or practicality, rugs can fulfil your interior wishes. Unfortunately, many homeowners get the rug-buying process wrong. To help you in choosing the right rug for you, here are 7 rug mistakes you need to avoid:

1.    Choosing a rug that is too small

Purchasing a rug that is too small for your space and purpose is a huge mistake. A surprising number of homeowners fall down this trap and ruin their space. It is particularly important to make sure your rug isn’t too small when it is being placed under furniture, such as a dining table. If you push your chair back and half of it falls off the edge of the rug, then your rug is definitely too small. This creates an annoying surface that could have easily be avoided! Not only this, but having a rug that is too small can look extremely out of place.

2.    Not using an anti-slip mat

If you’re placing a rug onto hard flooring, an anti-slip mat is essential. You don’t want your rug slipping and sliding all over the place. This is not only annoying, but extremely dangerous! If you have little kids or a dog running around, this can send your rug flying! Anti-slip mats aren’t at all costly and can fix your rug perfectly in place.

3.    Choosing the rug last

Choosing a rug last is a common mistake that should be avoided. A rug is the key aspect that ties the whole room together. Whether it’s a statement rug or a classic neutral rug, you should choose your rug first and choose other accessories and furnishings after your rug has been chosen. If you leave your rug until last, you run the risk of not being able to find the right rug for the space you have just created! You might be surprised at how well choosing a rug first can bring it all together.

4.    Avoiding pattern

If you’ve been shying away from introducing some vibrancy and pattern to your flooring, you’ve been doing it all wrong. Some spaces can really come to life with a little detail and contrast. Sticking with the same colours as your walls or other room features can be a little plain and lack some personality. Statement and decorative rugs can be everything from neutral colour tones incorporated in a detailed pattern, or bright contrasting colours that shouldn’t work but totally do. You could be holding your space back by opting out of pattern, so think twice before doing so.

5.    A rug that covers the entire space

As important as it is to get a rug that isn’t too small for your space, it is just as important not to swallow a room up with a rug that fits the entire space. The whole intention of a rug is to fill certain areas of a room, not a whole room. Don’t cover your whole floorspace; leave a large enough boarder around your chosen rug.

6.    Leaving a wall-to-wall carpet bare

Rugs on carpet has long been thought of as an interior taboo, but we’re here to break it to you – it’s okay. Done right, placing a rug on your carpet can bring a space together and introduce some interest to your flooring. When doing so, a contrast to your carpet is essential. Rugs aren’t there to blend in – what would be the point? Choose something that stands out from your current floorings.

7.    Choosing the wrong rug for your needs

This one is extremely important – the purpose of a rug defines the type of rug that is best for your space. If you’re looking to add some warmth to a room, shaggy and sheepskin rugs can be perfect for this. If you’re placing a rug in an area that has a lot of foot traffic, a durable rug is essential. For kitchen rugs, you need a rug that can withstand mess and can be cleaned should there be any spillages. Not identifying this before choosing a rug can lead to your rug not fulfilling its purpose properly. With these common rug mistakes in mind, you can clue yourself up and ensure you don’t fall down the same trap. If you’re looking for more advice on choosing the right rug, check out our blog for more useful advice.