7 Spring Home Interior Trends in 2020


Spring has most certainly sprung, and the longer days and sunnier skies are inspiring us to give our interiors a refresh.

Pinterest and Instagram are havens for trendy interior design inspiration, but what exactly are the spring home décor trends for 2020? We’ve got a round-up of seven popular interior styles that will keep your home looking fresh and fabulous all spring long.

Spring Home Décor Trends for 2020

Natural & Neutral

Unsurprisingly, a natural aesthetic is one of spring’s top interior design trends in 2020. With so much technology in our homes, we’ve naturally shifted towards creating balance with the outdoors, especially throughout the warmer months.

‘Barely there’ hues (A.K.A. various shades of beige) are rising in popularity, and so is filling every room with house plants. Natural materials fall into this trend, too, with rattan and jute furnishings increasing in demand. Wicker is also everywhere, from storage baskets to light shades to chairs.

Beige, flatweave rugs are a great way to tie together a natural and neutral space. They add texture to any room and help to create a light and airy atmosphere.


Rich Colours

In contrast to the muted tones of our first trend, using a rich colour palette is another one of our trendy interior design styles for spring. Deep hues of blue, green and purple are replacing our affinity for grey. Pantone even proclaimed that 2020’s colour of the year is Classic Blue.

Classic jewel tones add a touch of sophistication and personality to any room in the house. Think navy kitchen cabinets, forest green velvet sofas, deep purple throws and dark blue rugs.

Metallic features work effortlessly with rich tones, so try using gold photos frames, bronze light fixtures or mirrored surfaces for a stylish finishing touch.

‘70s Chic

The ‘70s are definitely back, and you can see it in the clothes on the high-street and in the way we’re styling our homes.

When it comes to a 1970s aesthetic, natural materials mix effortlessly with eclecticism. Use rattan furnishings, vintage books, your grandparents’ ornaments and bold prints to bring a feel of the ‘70s to your home.  

Fringe and shag is another ‘70s staple that will easily bring personality to your space. Shaggy rugs, throws and pillows look cool, feel great and are super comfortable.

Middle Eastern

The colours, textures and patterns that are signature to the Middle East have become one of the most popular home décor trends for 2020, and it’s perfect for springtime.

Middle Eastern style mixes vibrant, tropical hues inspired by luscious palms, blue skies and golden sunsets, with earthy tones. Use dark woods, ceramic and clay alongside oversized house plants and vibrant cushions.

Easy ways to bring a touch of Middle Eastern décor to your home include adding lanterns, embroidered fabrics, low coffee tables, silk pillow covers, ceramic cooking ware and timeless oriental rugs.



Grandmillennial style is one of the biggest home interior trends amongst, you guessed it, the millennial generation. Inspiration for this trend comes from the 1920s and 1930s, and it counteracts the clean-lines and monochrome colour palette associated with 21st-century minimalism.

The beauty of grandmillennial style is that you can inject a lot of life, character and personality into your home. Just remember to keep a good balance of colours and patterns to avoid a space that feels too stuffy and cluttered.

To achieve a grandmillennial makeover, don’t overlook florals. This pattern is a grandmillennial staple and can be incorporated into your space using beautiful floral rugs, bold floral-printed wallpaper or ditsy, flowery bedding. 

For more grandmillenial inspiration, consider velvet furnishings, scalloped trims, chintz decor, ginger jars and gold-framed mirrors.

Go Geometric

Geometric interiors are eye-catching, ageless and a lot of fun. A geometric print can transform any piece of furnishing or décor piece, instantly adding interest in a subtle or bold way.

You’ve probably seen the geometric trend featured in many types of room. Hexagonal tiling, for instance, is a popular style that looks excellent on kitchen walls or in bathroom showers.

A geometric rug is a fantastic and easy way to incorporate this trend in your space. Even a more muted geometric rug will act as an interesting, focal point in any room.


Pretty Pastels

Pastel shades are a true springtime staple that happens to be one of our favourite home interior trends. This colour palette is sure to breathe fresh life into your space and create a positive atmosphere.

Millennial pink has been on our radar for a few years now, and it’s still a much-loved colour. But why not try incorporating other popular, pastel hues like pale mint green, duck egg blue or buttercup yellow?

Pastels work nicely with dark wood, light wood and white wood furniture, so it’s hard to go wrong. A pastel feature wall would liven up any room, as would a pastel-shaded rug or cushions.

We hope that our round-up of the top spring home décor trends for 2020 has given you some inspiration to refresh your space. Spring is the perfect time for home makeovers, from spring cleaning to decluttering to an interior revamp.

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