9 Reasons Why You Need a Rug

A large, white, modern area rug framing black and white sofas and arm chairs in a crisp living room.

Do you need a rug? It’s one of the most common interior questions, and we’re going to help you answer it. Adding a rug to your home is an excellent and easy way to elevate your space. Not only do rugs add character and atmosphere to your home, but they also offer practical benefits like added warmth and sound control.

Do I Need a Rug?

Here is our carefully curated list of 9 reasons why you need a rug!

Reason #1 – Comfort

When you’re at home, comfort is key. Rugs are one of the simplest ways to add an increased level of comfort to your home.

Adding a thick, soft rug means that you can enjoy comfortably cushioned flooring, which is especially useful if you have a wooden or tiled floor. When it comes to natural materials, wool rugs are a comfortable choice because they are so soft. Natural materials don’t work for everybody, though, so polypropylene rugs are a great synthetic alternative. Polypropylene rugs are also super soft and are resistant to staining.  

Reason #2 – Warmth

Rugs are fantastic insulators – they help to keep your home nice and warm, especially in the colder months. Not only will this make your home feel more comfortable, but it will also feel more inviting to guests.

A common piece of advice when it comes to keeping a larger room warm is to choose an area rug; these large rugs are intended to cover most of the room’s floor space and will help to warm the whole room evenly. So, if you’re asking yourself – ‘do I need an area rug?’ – we say it’s definitely worth considering if a warmer living room is on your agenda.

For maximum warmth, look for a thick rug with a high tog value. Woollen rugs are a great option; they are an excellent heat insulator, super soft and durable. Also, rugs with a heavyweight pile, like shaggy rugs, will trap warm air inside the fibres more effectively. Placing a rug pad underneath your rugs will add an extra layer of heat insulation.

A top tip is to place a thick rug alongside your bed so that you can keep warm as you climb out of bed in the morning.


Reason #3 – Frame a Room

Strategically placing a rug is one of the best ways to frame a room. Rugs can ground a room, and they balance out any art or furniture that hangs on the walls.

By placing a rug in a way that aligns with your furniture, it can tie your room together nicely. For example, run a living room rug alongside the front of your sofa, or centrally place your table on top of a dining room rug. The great thing about rugs is that you can move them around, so experiment with what placement looks the best. Before you do that, have a read of our guide to rug placement for some top tips.

Reason #4 – Style / Character

Rugs are a fantastic way for you to show off your style and bring some character to your home! Whether you like bold prints, minimalism or earthy tones, rugs can breathe some life into your space.

Nowadays, there are lots of different rug designs, so you have an extensive collection to choose from. Variety is great, but can also be overwhelming if you’re unsure what style you like best, so take a look at our advice for choosing the right rug style for your home.

Another effective way to use rugs for some added interior character is by hanging them up! There are so many brilliantly bold and intricately designed rugs that would work great as wall art; it’s a sure-fire way to add a creative twist to your room. Read our guide to find out how to hang your rug on the wall.


Reason #5 – Safety

The safety value that rugs provide shouldn’t be overlooked. Thick rugs can cushion your fall, which reduces the risk of injury. Having thick rugs is especially useful if you have young children who are more likely to be running around and tripping up.

The cushioning that rugs offer is also a useful consideration if you have a baby in the home. When babies are learning to walk, it is common for them to fall over; having a thick, soft rug is an excellent way of keeping them as safe as possible.

Bathroom rugs also help to reduce injury – they allow you to dry your feet after a shower. Keeping a rug in the bathroom is important because bathroom floors are typically hard and therefore, slippery when wet.

If you are concerned about your rug acting as a trip hazard, ensure that it has an anti-slip backing to keep it securely in place.

Reason #6 – Cover Imperfections

Sometimes your room may have an imperfection that you just want to cover up easily. If your wood flooring is scratched, or your tile flooring is chipped, a rug is an efficient and effective way to hide the imperfection.

Or, if you’re renting and the existing flooring is simply not your style, using a rug is a convenient way to conceal this.

Reason #7 – Introduce a New Colour Palette

If you want to freshen up a room in the house by introducing a new colour palette, using a rug is a great way to do so without the hassle of painting or renovating furniture.

Finding a rug replacement is a simple and often cost-effective way to change up the palette of your room. Try browsing rugs by colour to see what shades stand out. You could choose a bold, colourful rug to make a statement and add some contrast to your room. Or, you could use a deep, dark coloured rug to add some depth and cosiness.

Colourful, small rugs are also a great idea for children’s rooms as their preferences and styles change as they grow. If your child is into blue, try out a blue rug, or if they love purple, see if a purple rug would fit with their bedroom.


Reason #8 – Sound Control

A practical benefit of using a rug is the sound control they offer. Rugs absorb sound in a way that hard flooring does not, and so they provide a degree of soundproofing. Rugs also reduce noise from anybody moving across it. Footsteps sound quieter on top of rugs, as do sliding chairs. For maximum soundproofing, opt for a thicker rug with a rug pad.

Reason #9 – Rug Replacement

You may already be smitten with the idea of rugs and have many in your home; instead of buying extra rugs, it may just be time for a refresh, in the form of rug replacement. Unfortunately, rugs are not invincible. Over time, they can become stained, worn down and may have collected too many allergens. A tired, dirty rug can spoil the appearance of your space, and a rug that has collected allergens can irritate people with allergic sensitivities.

If you do need a rug replacement, it is worth taking time to browse your options so you choose one that will last for as long as possible. For example, if you’re replacing a rug by the front door where there is bound to be muddy foot or paw prints, consider a washable rug to increase longevity.

By taking proper care of your rug, you will help it last for longer. Make sure to vacuum it on a routine basis and, if you need to clean it, use appropriate cleaning solutions as not to damage the fibres.

With so many practical and stylistic benefits that rugs provide for the whole family, they are definitely worth the investment. Hopefully, you’re now feeling inspired to elevate your space with a rug, so take a look at our collection of beautiful, high-quality rugs that suit every space.

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