A Guide to Rug Placement

Rug placement might sound very simple, but, in reality, there are rules to help you achieve the optimal rug placement for each space to bring out your home’s character. This rug placement guide will take you through each room of the house and show you the ideal placement for your rugs to bring the best out of your space and furniture choices!

Living Room

A good quality rug can tie the whole living room together in one fell swoop! There is so much freedom and fun to be had when choosing a living room rug – you could choose a rug with tones which complement your existing palette or dare for something bolder to juxtapose the room. The placement of your rug can make or break the space, and with the living room being where you do the bulk of your relaxing and entertaining, there are a few key rules to follow to get this right.


  • Ensure all the furniture is on top of the rug with plenty of room around the outside.
rug placement guide
  • Or, if you want a smaller rug, place the rug so that it’s touching all the furniture comfortably.
rug placement tips


  • Place the rug in the centre of the room away from the furniture.
rug placement guide
  • Use a circular rug as this draws the eye into the centre of the room, making it appear smaller.
rug placement

Dining Room

A beautifully-placed, hard wearing dining room rug can bring the room together and give a functional space a homey feel.


  • Buy a rug which fits the dining table and chairs on it and also accommodates room for the chairs to be pulled out.
dining room rug placement


  • Buy a rug which only just fits under the table – all the furniture legs should fit comfortably on the rug as otherwise the room can look squashed.
rug placement dining room


A bedroom rug can be so many things – cosy, brightening, soft, neutral… It can also drastically change the appearance of your room, so think carefully about how you arrange your rug.


  • Follow the same rule as in the other rooms – keep plenty of space on the rug for all the furniture to fit with surplus space
bedroom rug placement
  • If you don’t want to buy such a large rug, two smaller rugs can be used symmetrically either side of the bed.
bedroom rug placement tips
  • Place just the bed on the rug.
bedroom rug placement ideas


  • Buy a rug which only fits half the bed on as this has an incomplete look to it.

Study or Home Office

Well-placed rugs can be the perfect addition to an office, adding warmth and making it inviting.


  • Aim for all the legs of the desk and chair to be rooted on the rug and choose a rug shape which complements the shape and size of the desk.
office rug placement


  • Squeeze all your office furniture onto the rug. This will give the illusion of a cramped space.
study rug placement

We hope this rug placement guide has given you a clearer vision of the types of rugs you would like in your home including how and where to place them to maximise space and light. For further interior tips and mood boards, browse our blog posts and our Pinterest boards.

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