A Guide to the Most Durable Rugs

Durable Entryway Rug

Finding the most durable rugs that perform well and remain stylish can be tricky to find. That’s why we’ve listed the top most durable rugs for high traffic areas in your home, such as the hallway or living room. This blog post will also demystify commonly asked questions such as, ‘what type of rug is best for high traffic areas?’ and ‘what type of rug is easiest to keep clean?’. After reading, you’ll be able to create a great first impression with your new durable entryway rug!

What Makes a Rug Durable?

The most durable rugs are classified on how long they last and how resistant to wear and tear they are. Here are a few other characteristics to look out for:

  • The quality of the material

This factor is most important if you’re considering buying a wool rug. The diameter of the fibre primarily determines this, but yield, crimp, colour and staple strength are also important. Coarse grade wool is generally used in rugs, as it is more durable and less prone to piling.

  • How tightly the rug is woven

A tightly woven rug is better than a loosely woven rug for high foot traffic areas as they keep the shape of the rug for longer.

  • The age of the rug

In general, an older rug will depreciate in quality. However, if the piling of the rug is intact, a traditional rug can still be very durable. Our handy guide on everything you need to know about rug piling goes into more detail about the different types of rug pile and the best cleaning tips too.

So, What Type of Rug is Best for High Traffic Areas?

  1. Wool

Wool rugs are known for their durability without compromising on style. In addition, this strong material is water and stain repellent, making it a great option if you have kids or pets running around or for areas with high foot traffic, such as the living room or hallway.

Plus, wool offers you the best of both worlds, with a softness and comfort that means wool rugs are suited to any room, but especially rooms where you spend a lot of time.

It’s worth noting, though, that many wool rugs can come with a big price tag. These rugs are an investment piece, though, as they do last a long time. And, you can extend the life of your wool rug using an anti-slip mat designed to stop the sliding and bunching of rugs so that the fibres do not get damaged.

Hallway Runner Rug

2. Sisal

Sisal rugs are made of naturally stiff fibres that are a strong, renewable and (usually) chemical-free option – a serious contender for the most durable entryway rug throne. A sisal rug works best in a high traffic area, such as your living room or hallway, and in areas of your home where indoor and outdoor traffic is common.

We suggest that you avoid placing a natural fibre rug in areas prone to moisture, such as the kitchen or bathroom, as they are very absorbent. However, if your natural fibre rug does get wet, hang it up to dry as soon as possible to limit the risk of creating a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Have a read of our blog post to see which type of rugs are best for kitchens.

3. Jute and Seagrass

Like a sisal rug, jute and seagrass rugs will work a treat in any room. While colour options are limited with these rugs, restricting your choice to neutral tones like beige and brown, they tend to fit in with any existing décor around your home.

Jute and seagrass rugs are super are easy to clean, with a good shake or a vacuum – try to avoid water or steam, though, as the rug will absorb the moisture. Plus, these natural fibres don’t attract dust or dirt and are a great option if you have allergies, pets or kids!

4. Flatweave

Flatweave or cotton rugs are some of the most durable rugs on the market. These contemporary rugs are a practical and stylish choice for hard floors, in particular, making them ideal for busy areas of your home.

The biggest perk of this type of rug is that they’re stain-resistant and easy to clean – you can even pop them in the washing machine!

Flatweave Rug

5. Nylon Rugs

A synthetic rug made of a material like nylon is a great budget rug option. These super convenient rugs are some of the most durable and low maintenance out there. And, if you’re wondering which type of rug is easiest to keep clean, a synthetic rug is your best bet. They are stain-resistant, moisture resistant, and quick-drying so that you can use them in just about any room of the house – the perfect durable rug for high traffic areas. For more rug cleaning tips, check out our blog post.

6. Polypropylene Rugs

A polypropylene rug is another affordable option with similar characteristics to a nylon rug. Plus, synthetic rugs don’t fade as quickly as other rugs, making them ideal for sunny areas.

The only downside to a synthetic rug is that they don’t look as natural as their woollen counterparts.

There you have it, the most durable rugs for high traffic areas from our experts. Ultimately, your choice of rug depends on your existing home décor, your budget and whether or not you have children or pets. However, this list proves that your choice of the most durable rugs doesn’t limit your home styling options. For more rug tips and advice, visit our blog for a wealth of information from the industry experts.