A Guide to the Top 5 Interior Design Trends for Spring 2019


Spring has finally sprung after what feels like a very long winter! Naturally, with the change of seasons comes a change in trends and we can’t wait to do some redecorating and inject some of the latest spring 2019 interior design trends into the home. Here is our guide to the top 5 interior trends you need to get on board with this season.

Mustard is a Must

2018 saw the subtle introduction of mustard with the colour being used in various home accessories such as throw pillows, lamps and blankets. The 2019 trend has evolved and we are now seeing the introduction of larger mustard pieces such as sofas and rugs. The idea behind this is to add a bold, burst of colour into the space, creating a colourful focal point for the room.

Keep it Open and on Display  

Spring 2019 home decor trends are all about open spaces, even when it comes to your storage. Open shelving in particular has increased in popularity this past year and is set to be a very hot trend for the spring. Alternative shelving styles such as metals, more specifically copper, are starting to be used as accents in rooms, making storage practical as well as fashionable.

However, if you are going to use open shelving then be sure not to clutter the space, some closed units may be needed to store away any essential but unsightly items. You can then select those key pieces to be displayed, such as books and trendy glassware.

Remain Raw

Raw and rustic pieces are a key interior design trend this season; the more ‘unfinished’ the look, the better! Wood is always a great place to start when it comes raw and rustic looks. Although these pieces can have an unfinished look, try and keep your eye out for items that are well made, so that they can stand the test of time.

For example, shutters are a new emerging trend for spring, they are simple and rustic but also practical, as the keep your home cool in the summer months and warmer throughout winter.

Pastels are the New Neutrals

If you do one thing to update your interiors in line with the spring 2019 interior trends this season, make sure you include pastel colour schemes into your rooms. The easiest way to inject pastels into a room is introducing a feature wall, incorporating a selection of home accessories or selecting a stylish rug to add colour and texture to the space.

The inspiration for this trend of course goes back to 70’s, but a chic modern twist can be added when layered into a room correctly, so that just a flavour of the past is featured. For example, using metals such as gold and brass as accents within a room that has integrated pastels, adds that modern twist to the look without it being overbearing.  Two key shades this spring are said to be mint green and peachy corals, to brighten and bring a freshness to any space!

Woven Textiles

This season also paves way for the importance of textiles, appreciating the work and art that goes into them. The idea of woven textiles across the board is key for spring, paying homage to the skill that goes into weaving and the shabby chic look that is produced as a result.

Blankets, throws and rugs in particular lead the way, as the best method to add eye-catching woven textiles into any room. To see our own collection of beautiful woven rugs, browse online, we promise you’ll be spoilt for choice!

We hope this post has given you a little inspiration on how you can incorporate these key trends into your own home this spring! For more tips and advice on interiors and home furnishings, keep reading our blog and  keep up to date on all the latest trends all year round.

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