Art Deco Decorating on a Budget

The best thing about Art Deco decorating on a budget is all of the vintage, none of the price tag!

Artistic movements can inspire truly gorgeous interior design and help your home to be truly unique. Art Deco decorating on a budget gives you the ability to surround yourself with the beauty of the movement without breaking the bank!

What is Art Deco?

Art Deco was very popular in the early 1900s. The height of its popularity fell between the international struggles of the first world war and the Great Depression. Being both minimalist and sleek, the style reflected both the austerity of the post-war world and a futuristic hope and adoration for new technologies.

Art Deco on a Budget

  1. Lines
    When you’re decorating your home in an Art Deco style, you should aim for lots of sleek lines. Direct parallels and a polished, streamlined look were drawn from aerodynamic principles and used in the design of trains and automobiles, and Art Deco interior design drew from that.
  2. Colours
    One of the first things to keep in mind when Art Deco decorating on a budget is what colours you intend to use. Black, silver and chrome feature heavily, enhancing the ‘streamlined’ effect, but also look for rich, jewel colours. A few touches of gold around the room can really make it look opulent, too.
  3. Materials
    Metals are often used in Art Deco spaces, as they can provide a sleek, streamlined look and help the room to gleam. In addition, polished wood brings a little nature into the space. Generally, you should try to avoid frills, ruffles and laces – you don’t want to break up the room’s lines too much.
  4. Mirrors
    Mirrors frequently feature in Art Deco design, and the wonderful thing about them is their versatility and affordability – ideal for Art Deco decorating on a budget. A thin, metallic frame can highlight the space, and fan mirrors are reminiscent of that classic sunburst shape.
Our Moda Prism Geometric rug is ideal if you're looking for bold Art Deco styles on a budget.
  1. Rugs
    Rugs are another versatile option that can fit into any space. At Rug Traders, we have a broad collection of geometric rugs to complement your Art Deco design.
  • The Bedale Textured Geometric rug comes in three colours and boasts clean lines on a soft, comfortable rug. Chevrons and diamonds come together to create a 3D effect.
  • The Carmen Golden Geometric rug has a lot of character, and the gorgeous jewel yellow is the perfect base for any room.
  • The Moda Prism Geometric rug comes in four colours and uses triangles of various sizes to create a fun pattern.
  1. Upgrade Your Tiles
    Tiles are a great place to play with Art Deco motifs, as the lines lend themselves to Art Deco geometry. For Art Deco on a budget, why not pick up some peel-and-stick tiles? These are much cheaper than retiling, and what’s more, you can take them off if you decide to change the look! These are ideal for those decorating a rented home or if you like to refresh the look often.
  2. Add New Flair to Old Furniture
    Using wood trim is a great way to add designs onto flat cabinets, and if you paint over both the trim and the cabinet, you can achieve the effect of having moulding without having to splash out on fancy furniture. Perfect for Art Deco decorating on a budget!
    Alternatively, you could paint pieces. Remember those jewel tones we mentioned earlier? Choose a colour scheme for the room and paint a few pieces of furniture to suit the style.
  1. Lighting
    Lighting was very important to Art Deco design but, unfortunately, not everyone has the funds (or space!) to have a giant chandelier in their home. Chandeliers are not necessarily out of the question when Art Deco decorating on a budget – you can buy chandeliers for the home that are much more reasonable – but other options include Tiffany-style ceiling lights, wall sconces and geometric metal light shades.
This black and white zig-zig wallpaper is bold and would be ideal for someone who is Art Deco decorating on a budget.
  1. Wallpaper
    It may be a bit taboo now, but patterned wallpaper was all the rage in the Roaring 20s. If you prefer minimalism, look for something with simple lines, or if you have painted walls, why not add motifs on yourself? Pick up a stencil or map out some geometric patterns with a ruler. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look amazing.
  2. Be Over the Top
    Art Deco became popular in the Roaring Twenties, when the economy soared in much of the Western world and culture and technology blossomed. Even when using Art Deco to decorate on a budget, try to fill the room with art or vintage touches and if it’s a bit over the top, all the better! With Art Deco, decadence and being a little bit gaudy are stylish touches.

Tips for Decorating on a Budget

There are two key ways to decorate on a budget – do as much as you can yourself, and look to charity shops or vintage shops.

  • You could either upgrade furniture you already own or buy some cheaply.  Once you’ve done it up, it will look like it cost much more than it did.
    We already mentioned wood trim as moulding and peel-and-stick tiles to do up a backsplash, but you could also paint patterns or use stencils and spray paint. Try removing the hardware (handles or hinges, for example) from drawers or cabinets and spray-painting it gold or silver.
    You could even add new fabric to upholstered furniture to give it new life!
  • Charity and vintage shops can be amazing for Art Deco finds. Of course, there are no guarantees, but the pieces you find will often be affordable and of decent quality, if you hunt them down. Charity shops are also great places to look for items to upcycle into your own Art Deco style on a budget.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to experiment with Art Deco to decorate on a budget and maybe even throw a few Gatsby parties of your own with your savings! For more design ideas and rug tips, like how to make your home more boho and the best outdoor rugs, please check out our blog. While you’re here, why not check out our collection of modern and traditional rugs?

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