Best Rugs for a Home Office with a Rolling Chair

Do you have a home office with a rolling chair? Are you struggling to find the best rugs for your home office that are both comfortable and practical? There’s no frustration like not being able to move around the office on your rolling chair because it’s keeps getting stuck on your rug. Well, we have you covered with this guide to help you find the best rug for your home office with a rolling chair.

Finding the Best Rugs for Your Home Office

Best Home Office Rug Size

One of the most important factors when finding your home office rug is the size. The rug needs to be considerate to the proportion of the room to create balance and help ground the space.

For example, purchasing a small rug for a large room will look lost and underwhelming. Another thing to consider is the positioning of the rug – these two factors will help create what looks like a professionally designed office. So how do you find a rug that’s proportional to your space? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this handy step by step guide to finding the perfect sized rug for your office:

Step 1: Start by measuring your room. It’s important to know the size of your space so that your rug is in proportion to the overall office space. Generally, using a larger rug will make the room look professionally finished and inviting. However, it’s very uncommon for rooms to be quadrilateral. When trying to cover as much space as possible, take into account any alcoves or uneven walls.  

Step 2: Use painters’ tape to play around with different rug sizes and shapes – this is a great way of visualising how your rug will look to the scale of your office. 

Step 3: For the rug to be as effective as possible, it needs to be big enough to accommodate both your desk and chair. In addition, the rug needs to be big enough that even when your chair is pulled out, it remains on the rug. Not only for style purposes but to prevent the chair from dragging over the rug’s edges, which is frustrating and may also damage the rug’s binding.

Top tip: Use a non-slip underlay under your rug to prevent it from moving as your chair moves over it – even better, purchase an anti-slip rug; these are already made with an anti-slip backing to prevent sliding. 

A guide to finding a home office rug in the right size, material and style.

Best Type of Home Office Rug

We now know that rugs have many benefits, one of the main ones being the added comfort and texture to what may be a bland, unmotivating office. However, it’s important to not only focus on the style elements, as your home office rug needs to be functional and hard-wearing.

Since the home office is now used more than ever, your rug will endure a lot of movement, whether that’s from your rolling office chair or human traffic. The perfect office rug, without a doubt, needs to be office chair friendly.

Hand-knotted rugs

There’s a wide variety of rug constructions on the market, but hand-knotted rugs are the hardest wearing of all rugs, withstanding years of traffic and still looking just as great.

Hand-tufted rugs

Another great option is hand-tufted rugs; although these aren’t as durable as hand-knotted rugs, they are more affordable and can last years, depending on the quality of the material.

Low pile rugs

Low pile rugs are the most popular options for home offices; the low pile is cooperative with heavy office equipment and furniture.

In addition, the majority of low pile rugs that have a flat and tight weave are less likely to snag or disrupt the movement of your office chair wheels. If you have any further questions on rug piles, head to our blog to find out everything you need to know about rug piles.

Wool and polypropylene rugs

We recommend looking for rugs made from either wool or polypropylene with a pile height of 6cm or less – both these materials are durable enough to last in your home office.

However, if you’re most concerned about the “feel” of your rug, you should opt for wool that is warm and soft to touch, whereas polypropylene is constructed to mimic natural fibres, making it easy to clean but can be rougher to touch. 

Rugs to Avoid if Your Home Office Has a Rolling Chair

There’s no doubt that shaggy, thick pile rugs look great on the eye and feel even better under the feet. However, unless you want to spend the whole working day in a constant fight with your rug and rolling office chair, then they are best avoided! Besides the added frustration, high pile rugs are higher maintenance – do you really want to make your working day any longer?

If you are still unsure about finding the best rugs for a home office with a rolling chair, then please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. We are always happy to offer our expert advice to find the perfect rug for you!

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