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10 Ways to Make Your Garden Homely

10 Ways to Make Your Garden Homely

21 Mar 2018

With spring around the corner, we’re all looking forward to spending more time outdoors with family and friends. Many of us turn to our gardens as they are an extension of our homes, allowing us to laugh, relax and enjoy ourselves in the sunshine. We have put together some of our favourite tips for making your garden more inviting, so that you can get the most from your space.

Outdoor fireplaces offer a more cosy ambience 

Source: Pinterest (Charles Bateson)

1. Sit back and relax with an outdoor fireplace

There’s nothing cosier than sitting by the fire on an evening and laughing with friends or loved ones. Adding an outdoor fireplace to your garden is the perfect way to start the warmer part of the year, and it should encourage the family to spend time together outdoors.


Indoor Outdoor red trellis rug

Red Trellis Rug

2. Add to the ambience with an outdoor area rug

Although it might sound a tad unusual, an outdoor area rug can really tie your space together. Create connected seating areas with a flatweave rug, which is the perfect indoor/outdoor style due its excellent durability, resistance to stains and its affordability.


Outdoor wall decor

Source: Pinterest (Photo taken from Brabourne Farm)

3. Go inside out with wall décor

If you really want to create a homely atmosphere for your garden, you shouldn’t neglect the walls. Statement lighting, decorations and mirrors can all add to the atmosphere of your home and create fabulous effects.


Source: Pinterest (photo taken from Home Design Ideas)

4. Get creative with your clutter

With a little TLC, old furniture such as chairs, coffee tables and shelving can be repurposed and given a new lease of life in your garden. Give your piece a thorough sand down, making sure that you don’t miss tricky nooks and crannies. Apply some protective solution which can make your furniture look brand new.

Style with cushions, sit back and relax.

Source: Pinterest. (Photo taken from homedit)

5. Extend your space with floor-to-ceiling glazing

Although it’s definitely pricier than some of our other outdoor styling tips, adding floor-to-ceiling glazing is one of the best ways to create a homely feel in your garden.

We would especially recommend using floor-to-ceiling glazing in kitchens and adding an outdoor dining furniture set, as this will really help to connect the two spaces together.

Source: Pinterest (photo taken from Chris Nangle)

6. Create your own homely hideaway

When done right, the comfort and security of a smaller, closed off space can make it the perfect spot for relaxation. A canopy or gazebo, paired with a cosy sofa filled with cushions or a soft and fluffy blanket, can create the perfect nook to nestle into and unwind with a good book.

Make your garden more homely with an outdoor bar and grill

Source: Pinterest (image taken from Lisa Cox Landscape Design)

7. Socialise in style with an outdoor bar and grill

It’s never ideal when guests are outside and you’re inside cooking. An outdoor bar and grill can help to get everyone involved for a more relaxed and chilled environment. Consider the addition of a covered area to protect against the wind and rain and to create a room-like feel in your garden.

Place plants inside and outside to bring the outside in

Source: Pinterest (image taken from The Garden Light Company)

8. Go potty with your plants

Choosing the right plants can add vibrancy to your garden, and complement the designs of any cushions, wall décor or furniture that you’ve chosen to add. Potted plants are especially useful in areas with patio or decking, and you can even add some indoors to create a sense of continuity.

Heating methods like patio heaters can make your garden more comfortable

Source: Pinterest (photo taken from Dig This Design)

9. Keep cosy with patio heater

If an outdoor fireplace isn’t for you, a stylish patio heater may be the answer. Many designs are easy to light and extremely durable, so you should be able to enjoy your heater for many years.

Source: Pinterest (photo taken from Lana Red Studio)

10. Build up a backdrop with a vertical garden

Many of us to have a limited outdoor space to work with, however it shouldn’t limit our styling. Build vertically with tied beds, taller plants and climbers to create a backdrop for your indoor room. Lavish it with lights for gorgeous night time effects.

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