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5 Bedsit Design Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

5 Bedsit Design Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

3 Oct 2016
Bedsits are smaller and often cheaper than studio apartments, making them a popular choice for students and young professionals who require their own space. They’re a result of a larger property that has been subdivided to create multiple living spaces. This design allows individuals or couples with smaller funds venture out by themselves, however their compact nature often requires creativity, research and quality bedsit design ideas in order to maximise the space.

Furniture with storage

As you know, furniture can take up a lot of room, but there are ways around this. It is possible to buy furniture that has built in storage. If there is a bed in the property already, look for pull out drawers to go underneath, if not, aim to get a bed that has drawers or storage compartments. Rather than using a conventional coffee table, look for one that has drawers, or alternatively you could use baskets or boxes to provide storage as well as a surface. Ottomans and chests double up as seating or a table as well as storage.


If you’re a natural with flat pack furniture, DIY upcycled furniture could be a great bedsit design idea. Cut down on the costs of buying dual-purpose furniture buy reusing your existing belongings. For example, you could modify your table to include shelves or cupboards. Darker furniture could also be painted or reupholstered in lighter colours to make the most of your space, making it appear larger and brighter.

Smart fittings

Now you know what you can do with your furniture, let’s look at the rest of the available space. If you have high ceilings, use your walls. You can fit floor-to-ceiling shelves that are great for books, DVDs, as well as showing off ornaments. Other places that are ideal for shelves are above doorways, along the top of a room, in the hallway and above your bed. Try to make the most of every nook and cranny to keep your regular floor space free.

Dividing rooms

As a bedsit is a cross between three rooms, make sure that you keep the areas of the room separate. If the bedsit is open plan, you can use room dividers or curtains to section off specific areas. If your space is too small to do this, try using furniture as dividers.

Big and Bright Illusions

There are a few simple solutions you can use to create the illusion of space. The first and most important is decluttering. Don’t have lots of things out in the open, put them away wherever you can and make sure that everything you own has a home. The less you have out, or taking up space on the floor, the more flow there will be in your room. 
A well placed rug can be a great way of adding a bit of style and colour, without affecting the space itself. The wide variety of traditional and modern rugs  for small spaces means that there are solutions for every sized home. Mirrors are another way of opening up a space, reflecting light and making the room seem larger than it actually is.

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