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9 Tips on Decorating for Autumn

9 Tips on Decorating for Autumn

13 Sep 2017







With interior design inspired by rich reds, burnt oranges and deep browns, autumn home décor can provide a stunning colour palette for your home. Whether you’re wanting a complete room revamp or a splash of season-inspired décor, our autumn decorating ideas for the home are sure to impress!

Wooden and wicker elements for a harvest feel

Autumn is harvest time, where crops are harvested and thanks are given. Bring this feeling into your home with wicker and wooden elements. These are associated with the baskets used to pick a range of fruits and vegetables and offer a homely, traditional feel.Whether it’s a small decorative element or a storage box, these darker tones will work well with other autumnal colours.










Cushion designs

Cushion designs are a great, low cost option to decorate your home for autumn. Splashes of colour can really help to bring the room to life, and incorporating natural, deep shades of red and orange can really bring the season to your room. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, cushion designs are very easy to sew. Why not create your own?