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Feng Shui Your Home with These Easy Steps

Feng Shui Your Home with These Easy Steps

24 Sep 2018

Feng shui is an ancient system of laws that focus on the flow of energy in spatial arrangements to promote the flow of good chi. While there are many feng shui laws, not many of us are able to fully feng shui our homes. However, incorporating some of the key concepts of feng shui will increase your home's capacity for positive energy flow and promote relaxation. This post will give you some feng shui tips to help you feng shui your home!

1.    Declutter

You might not want to hear it, but in order to properly feng shui your home, you must first clear out the old energy and purge your clutter. Only after you've done this can you start a successful feng shui decorating process. It's an essential step that isn't to be missed! Why?

Reducing the amount of clutter in your home creates a free and clear breathing space for the positive chi to flow around the home. Removing old, tired energy from a space allows fresh, positive energy to remain.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you should go completely minimalistic. To truly follow feng shui you should surround yourself by things you love and that make you happy, for instance, perhaps some beautiful artwork, aesthetically-pleasing pottery or interesting books. However, these belongings should remain well-edited to maintain order and space within your feng shui home! (No you can't leave that book lying around on the sofa all week). 

2.    Be Clear on Each Room's Purpose and Decorate Accordingly

An important feng shui tip is to define the energy map of your home. This is also known as a bagua and is crucial for successful feng shui decorating. The bagua acts as a blueprint for how to decorate each room down to the very colours you should use, what type of furniture should be in a space, and how to arrange this furniture for optimum energy flow in your home. 

This can be achieved through having a clear purpose for each room. This will then dictate the type of energy you require in that room. For example, the energy required in a bedroom is more serene and gathered towards relaxation. Therefore, the colours will be more neutral and the furniture will be spread out in order to allow for maximum energy flow. 

However, in a living room, the energy required is very different. In feng shui, the idea is to promote conversation and relationships by organised furniture in small groupings, which aim to facilitate closer ties. Additionally, you should consider the path that the positive chi will take throughout the house, keeping spaces open and clear will allow for a fluid flow of chi.

3.    Use Colour For Good Feng Shui

Colour is a simple way to shift the energy in your home and create good feng shui. Within feng shui, colours are based in the 5 elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each of these elements should represent a specific area of your bagua.

-    Fire element - South, Northeast and Southwest areas of your bagua
o    Reds, oranges, purples, pinks and strong yellows
-    Earth element - Northeast and Southwest  and the centre areas of your bagua
o    Light yellows, beiges, earthy/ sandy colours
-    Metal element - West, Northwest and Northern areas of your bagua
o    Greys and whites
-    Water element - North, East and Southeast areas of your bagua 
o    Blues and blacks 
-    Wood elements - East, Southeast and Southern areas of the bagua
o    Browns and greens 

When your choice of colour is focused on strengthening and nourishing the feng shui element, you are successfully decorating your home according to the all-important rules of feng shui!

4.    Use Rugs to Maximise Energy Flow

Rugs for Feng Shui

Rugs are a great way of enhancing the flow of good chi throughout your lovely home. The positioning of a rug plays a huge role in maintaining the positive energy in said room. For example, a rug by the front door can influence the way that energy enters the house. If you have a front door that opens into a compact space, a round rug along with its metal energy will encourage the flow of chi. Whereas, if the front door opens directly into a room then a small rug will help define an entry space and create a portal for positive energy. 

In the rest of the home, it's important to consider the balance of the room and what is it trying to achieve (thinking back to your bagua). In the living room, for instance, conversation is encouraged and therefore, a rug could pull all of the furniture together and create a more intimate area to enable free flowing conversation and energy. Check out Feng-Shui-Love-to-Know for more tips on rug placements for feng shui. If you're looking for a rug to enhance your feng shui, browse our beautiful selection of rugs!

5.    Keep it Light 

Light and air are fundamental elements for positive chi in your home. When feng shui decorating, it's essential that all spaces have access to light. Light activates energy and sets the positive chi in motion, and so having plenty of lamps in the house is good way to combat the dark, stagnate energy. 

6.    Keep the Balance 

Balance is key in feng shui decorating. The goal of feng shui is to have the space feeling energised yet restful. A great feng shui tip is to use reflective pieces such as mirrors and windows to keep the room feeling energised; but not too much as this can be overwhelming and distracting. Instead, balance out the tones of the room by adding wooden side tables to balance the energy. 

Similarly, big pieces of furniture such as tables (tip: always have round edge tables to allow easier flow of chi) can feel heavy and hard. So, rebalance the space by adding some soft cushions or throws into the room. 

Remember, in order to successfully feng shui your home it's important to focus on the bigger picture (your whole house). Be mindful about the type of energy that you want in your home and within each room and decorate with this in mind. Once you have a feng shui home, sit back, relax and feel the positive chi flowing all around you. 

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