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How to Maximise Space in Your Hallway

How to Maximise Space in Your Hallway

14 Mar 2018

Hallways are a notoriously difficult area of the house to decorate. Often used as a place to dump coats, shoes, and other bits and bobs, they can be quite a hectic and cluttered area of the home. They are also the first thing that a guest sees as they walk through the door and you only get one first impression - make it count! Hallways might be difficult, but with some careful consideration and a creative flare, you can quickly transform yours. Keep reading to find out how to maximise space in your hallway.

Careful Selection of Wall Colour

Hallway Design Tips - Including Wall Colour

The colour of the walls in your hallway go a long way in defining the lighting and interest within it. Dark walls are going to hone in on the narrow aspect of your hallway, and they can often be overpowering. To avoid making your hallway feel darker and smaller than it is, light and neutral wall colours help to freshen up the area and give the illusion of light and space.

You have the option of keeping your hallway clean and simple like this, but if you’re feeling brave, you can add variation through introducing a bright colour or interesting wallpaper. By creating a feature wall along one side and keeping the opposite wall neutral and simple, you can help to give the brilliant illusion of a wide hallway. Check out Ideal Home’s hallway wallpaper inspiration for some ideas on how to dress your hallway walls!

Clever Placement of Mirrors

Use Mirrors to Enhance Your Hallway

Mirrors are the oldest trick in the book when it comes to hallways. A mirrored surface magically gives the illusion of space and depth whilst also allowing that all-important light to bounce around the hallway. Mirrors work particularly well for enhancing natural light coming through from windows or glass doors, enhancing the effect that this light has on your hallway. Place a mirror on one of your side walls and you will immediately feel like your hallway has grown in width!

Flattering Lighting

Hallway Lighting

As well as enhancing any natural light already in your hallway, the artificial light that you install can have a huge impact on the feeling of space within this area. One of our great hallway design tips is to try and break up the space using artificial lighting. This means avoiding bright downlights and instead introducing different types of lighting. For example, placing a lamp on a side table or console and including dimmer lights for any ceiling lights. Alternatively, place lighting at the end of a hallway, or allow lighting from the landing above or rooms leading off of your hallway as shis draws your eyes to other rooms and makes a small hallway appear bigger. Bright and central lighting is too harsh and overpowering, whereas more subtle areas of lighting help to break the space up and make it appear more spacious. Clever, right?

Space-Saving Storage

Storage in a Hallway

Space is often limited so any furniture placed in a hallway needs to be strategic. A cluttered hallway is a small hallway – so, invest in furniture that has storage built into it. It could be a console table that you keep your keys on but that also has storage underneath it, perhaps for shoes or hats and gloves. Investing in storage like this minimises the amount of objects you have to have out in the open in your hallway. If you have enough space, installing a unit to store coats and layers helps to keep all of these things hidden.

The space underneath the stairs is often wasted space or is used as a home to objects that aren’t often used… sound familiar? If you’re able to, converting this space into useful and accessible storage provides an extremely useful space. Whether you use it to store shoes, coats, or other household objects, this space is better spent as storage. DigsDigs have collected some brilliant hallway storage ideas that demonstrate just how much can be done to make use of any given space.  

Utilising Wall Space

Coat Hooks in a Hallway

Floor space is often limited in hallways, but wall space is not. Make the most of your wall space by installing coat hooks or shelving. Done right, this won’t be cluttering and will instead be useful. Placing high shelving above coat hooks provides some storage in a space this would otherwise serve no purpose. Small hallway ideas involve a little tactical thinking!

Investing in a Quality Hallway Runner  


Another brilliant way of brightening up a hallway is to invest in a hallway runner. Rugs are extremely handy for protecting your flooring, but they also emanate a feeling of warmth and cosiness, which is a lovely first impression as you walk through the door. You don’t have to get too fancy with this – our Padstow rug is simple and available in a variety of colours for your preference. The subtle horizontal texture gives the illusion of width and helps to widen your hallway space wonderfully.

Now you know how to maximise space in your hallway, it’s time to put it into action! When it comes to rugs, we class ourselves as a bit of a guru. If you need any help with kitting out your hallway with a lovely rug, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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