Choosing a Rug for a Child’s Bedroom


No matter their age, a rug is a much-needed addition to your child’s bedroom. After all, a brilliant bedroom is not just for sleeping! The perfect child-friendly rug can provide a comfortable place to play, read, and learn. It can also add some cosiness and character to your little one’s bedroom. Above all, a rug can tie their room together and really make it a space to enjoy.

With so many designs and colour combinations to choose from, decorating a child’s bedroom can offer a great opportunity to get your creativity flowing.

What Child-Friendly Rugs are there?

There are so many excellent child-friendly rugs to choose from, but which style is the best for your child? Different rugs are suited to different ages, and everything from the fabric you choose to the overall design can vary depending on this. Luckily, we have put together some of our best advice to get you started.

Tummy Time

Babies and toddlers will spend a great deal of time playing on the floor, especially during the “tummy time” period.

A rug can provide a comfortable and safe surface from which infants can explore. For this age, choose a soft and non-abrasive fabric, such as a sheepskin or shaggy rug. Both of these are soft and durable, and will also look stylish in your space.


When choosing a rug for a child’s bedroom, you can either go for a plush and cosy rug or a flat and firm rug.

Plush and cosy rugs, like woollen rugs or shaggy rugs, are perfect for children who want to cosy up and read a book or engage in some rough and tumble!

Alternatively, a flat and firm rug, such as a flatweave rug, is ideal for children who love to play with toy car sets or Lego bricks.  


Stain Resistant

Let’s face it; kids can be messy! So, a child-friendly rug should be easy to clean and stain-resistant, saving you time and money that would otherwise be wasted on replacing it. A sheepskin rug is great as its fibres are naturally resistant to dirt. Or, why not consider a machine washable rug? A fantastic option to keep your rug sparkling clean!

Woollen rugs are more delicate, and this choice may require professional cleaning. This is due to the nature of their fibres, which are easily be damaged by heat and overly strong cleaning solutions. However, wool is also one of the most durable rug materials available. For this type of design, try and avoid pale or white rugs to reduce the need for cleaning.

Rugs that have been woven with high-quality polypropylene yarn can be surprisingly soft, and they will even maintain their colour after cleaning. A great option for children would be our comfy bedroom shaggy rug.


Colours and Themes

Choosing a rug for a child’s bedroom is the perfect excuse to let loose on bolder colours and designs. This can be great fun, and you can really create a unique space for your child to enjoy.

If you’re feeling particularly inspired, why not try working towards a theme? This can really tie the room together, and it will even give you decorating inspiration when you shop for accessories. A blue rug would be perfect for an underwater theme, or a vintage-style union jack rug would look great in a teenager’s bedroom.


Kids typically don’t require large, area rugs as they often have smaller bedrooms and smaller beds. So, an extra small rug, small rug or medium rug are great options when choosing a rug for a child’s bedroom. The great thing about opting for a smaller rug is that they tend to be more affordable, and so it is easier to swap them out as your child grows older and their tastes or needs change!

Split Up Your Space

Choosing a rug for your child’s bedroom isn’t just about practicality; it can be fun too! Use bright or contrasting colours to separate different areas of your room. For example, you could create separate spaces for a desk and a bed to symbolise different work areas. Alternatively, use a rug to connect two areas by having it run in between them.

Anti Slip

If you’re placing your rug onto a laminate, marble or wooden floor, you risk it moving around as your child plays.

There are a couple of ways to prevent this. Firstly, you could purchase some rug anti-slip. This can either be bought or cut to size, and it will help the rug to grip for added security. You could also purchase a rug that incorporates an anti-slip gel back, like a flatweave design.

Want to learn more?

We hope that you are now feeling inspired to bring some cosiness and character to your child’s bedroom! If you’re still unsure about which child-friendly rug is best for your home, why not get in touch? One of our rug traders will be happy to provide you with more advice.

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