Choosing the Right Rug Shape for the Different Rooms in your Home

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Aside from making sure you get the right rug fabric, rug colour, and size, you also have to decide on the right rug shape for your space. We know, it’s a lot to think about. And it can be a little nerve-wracking at first. But having our rug expertise on hand makes the process a whole lot easier! Check out our advice on choosing the right rug shape for your home:

General Rules for Rug Shapes

Rectangular rugs are the most traditional rug shape, and are perfect for covering large areas, as well as fitting into long and narrow spaces.

Circular rugs are much more casual and often more fun. A round rug is better suited to smaller spaces or rooms that are circular in shape, but there are some exceptions.

Square rugs are ideal for square rooms and to match furniture that is square, such as a coffee table.


Entrance or Foyer Rugs

If you have a large and open foyer, there is a lot more room for you to work with. The opportunities are endless! A circular rug can work perfectly, especially if there is a ceiling light directly above it. Alternatively, placing a large square rug helps to fill the open space and make it appear warm and inviting. Place a circular table over it to mix it up a bit! If your entrance is more of a long-shaped hallway, your options are a little more limited. It’s important not to choose a circular rug or place a rectangular rug horizontally, as this will make the space feel enclosed. Instead, opt for a long and rectangular rug to add some interest to your entrance. This rug shape will welcome you into the house and lead you down the hallway.


Bay Window Rugs

A bay window can be a lovely feature of a room, adding some wonderful lighting and useful floorspace. If your bay window is large enough to place furniture in, such as a dining table and chairs, a lovely rug can perfectly complement the space. As a bay window tends to be curvaceous, a circular well works majestically in this space. Make sure you don’t choose a circular rug that is too small as this breaks up the space and makes it feel smaller, and you don’t want someone to push their chair back and fall off the edge of the rug! Instead, correctly measure the space and make sure the rug is big enough for the room and furniture.


Rug Shapes for a Large Seating Area

Large sitting areas, such as a living room, are every interior designer’s dream! With so much space to work with, you can create an extremely impressive space. But what to do with rugs? The key is to choose an extensive rug that is big enough. If you choose a small rug or multiple small rugs, you run the risk of making your living room appear disjointed and muddled up. To avoid this, make the room feel cosy and ensure that it flows nicely with a large rectangular rug. Make sure that the front of your sofa legs are on the rug for the full effect. For exceptionally open spaces, a large circular rug can create an outstanding focal point and statement. This works best if all of your furniture can fit comfortably on the rug. You could then reflect the circular shape with a circular coffee table or footstool at the centre of the a rug. If your seating space is quite small, you can still play with a circular rug. But instead of a large one that fits under all furniture, choose a smaller circular rug with only a coffee table on top of the rug. This can really add something unique to a space that is rectangular.


Rug Shapes for a Dining Room

You should always choose a table and chairs before selecting a rug. You need to know the size of your furniture so you can find the correct rug shape that is big enough for the furniture to fit comfortably onto. If you have a rectangular table, choosing a rectangular area rug is going to be best for the space. Alternatively, if you have a circular table, invest in a circular rug!


Children’s Play Area or Bedroom Rugs

Choosing a rug for a child’s space or bedroom is always fun, it’s a time to get playful and creative with your rug choice and rug shapes! Circular rugs are often more casual and fun when compared to other rug shapes, and so they can fit perfectly into a child’s bedroom. For children that share a bedroom and have a bed each, a rectangular rug can fit perfectly in between the two. This adds comfort and ties the space together nicely!


Kitchen Rugs

Generally, kitchen rugs tend to be better as a rectangular shape. Most kitchens are rectangular in shape and so mirroring a rug of this shape is the best way of filling the space while also complementing it. Kitchens are a busy area and so it’s best to keep it nice and simple! The key to choosing the right rug shape for your home is to simply understand the space and furniture you have. Although there are general rules to follow, it all depends on your individual furniture and space.

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