5 Ways to Create a Cosy Living Room in 10 Minutes

5 ways to make your living room cosy

To celebrate National Relaxation Day, we’ve put together some living room design tips to help you achieve a zen, cosy living room in no more than 10 minutes. After all, when you’ve waited all day to get home, kick your shoes off and put your feet up, the last thing you want is to embark on a complete ‘Marie Kondo’ of your living space.

Remove Cups and Plates

According to a recent study, 52% of us eat on the sofa. So, unless you’re meticulously tidy, there may be some rogue crockery in your living room. Perhaps on the floor? That bottle of ketchup on the coffee table or the unfinished cup of tea on the side? We’re not judging. Gathering up the cups and bowls and popping them in the dishwasher will make a sudden, impactful difference in your living room by making it instantly less cluttered. Why not keep a tray somewhere discreet for future incidents so it’s easy to bundle everything back into the kitchen in one trip?

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Clear Floor and Tables

While you’re clearing the coffee table, give the surfaces and floor a quick scan for anything that doesn’t really belong there. You’d be amazed at how quickly you can pocket that stray lip balm, put your laptop back where it belongs, or put miscellaneous items back in their respective cubby holes. Clear floor and surfaces give an instantly clean look, priming the canvas for your relaxing living room ideas.

Plump Pillows and Straighten Throws

If your sofa is looking a little sad and deflated, grab your cushions and give them a good shake and plump. Now they’ll look irresistible, begging you to sink into them with a glass of wine and some popcorn. Equally, you’ll feel so much better when that scrunched up blanket is neatly folded and hung over the armrest, adding texture to the room.

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Lighten Up

Lighting is the key to cosiness and atmosphere! Nobody can relax with bright glaring lights on, so draw the curtains if it’s dark out, turn the main light off and switch low lighting on. Lamps, fairy lights, candles, whatever you have, use it to build a gentle low-lit moodiness in the room.

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Fluff up The Rug

Flat rug fibres just don’t have the desirable ‘soft underfoot’ feel that truly cosy rooms ooze. There’s no need for a full vacuum – just run the hoover over the rug to pick up any dust and get those fibres looking and feeling fluffy again, just as they should! If you have a sheepskin rug, just give it a quick brush or comb. Now, take off your socks and let your toes live their best life.

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Ten minutes later and your cosy living room should feel like a new room. Repeat these steps often to keep your living room tidy, instead of letting clutter build up for a mammoth cleaning job.

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