Decorating Your Hallway For A Good First Impression

Decorating Your Hallway for a Good First Impression

Whether upstairs leading into your bedrooms, the first impression right after you’ve stepped in through the front door, or a pathway between rooms, hallways and landings are some of the most important parts of our homes, yet so commonly are neglected when it comes to interior design.

Just because they’re the smallest rooms in your house, however, definitely doesn’t mean that they deserve a lack of home décor love compared to the rest of your pad. In fact, investing time and money to increase the hominess of your hallways can pay off massively in improving your home’s overall ambience and feel. What’s more, they can be a great way to better utilise the space in your place- especially useful if your square footage is limited.

With such an overwhelming majority of us having hallways as the entrance point to our homes, start your guests – and yourself – off on the right foot by utilising our house hall decoration ideas, and reap the benefits of creating the best interior design for your hall room.


Pick The Right Lighting

lighting for interior design for hall room

Underestimated so often when it really shouldn’t be, lighting can make all the difference in a hallway, and is therefore key to consider when picking the most effective interior design for your hall room. Lighting has the power to massively increase cosiness levels, changing the vibe from purely functional to a room that you’d actually want to spend time in. To accompany ceiling lighting (which usually isn’t the snuggest, or most forgiving), opt for either a tall, free-standing lamp, or small table-top variety (depending on your set up). Both of these options produce subtler lighting, giving you the ability to create a mellower ambience, whilst the right lighting also greatly aids feng shui.

Utilise A Bookcase

Decorating your hallway with a bookcase

One of our favourite house hall decoration ideas – adding a bookcase to your hallway is beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, combined with a statement chair (see below), it creates purpose, making your hallway a useful room in its own right, and essentially adding an extra, thoroughly usable space to your home. Secondly, strategically placing a bookcase in your hallway can save space in other, more key areas, such as living rooms and bedrooms, and enables you to make better use of those spaces. Finally, a bookcase gives character. Pick the right one, and the bookcase itself won’t only be a decorative treat at which to marvel, but the books you choose to fill the shelves with will add a touch of your personality to an otherwise impersonal room.

Add Rugs For Cosiness

Decorating your hallway with rugs

Nothing says ‘home’ like the feel of a thick, soft rug tickling beneath your toes- especially when you’ve just arrived in from outside. With many hallways featuring wooden floors or older carpeting (as hallways aren’t often a priority to re-carpet), a high quality rug can go a very long way, in terms of comfort, practicality and aesthetic. Hallways are drafty, and a snug rug will keep your toes toasty whilst adding a pop of colour and personality to the room. What’s more, rugs are the one homeware product you’re guaranteed to find in all shapes and sizes; small or large, long or short. This is ideal when decorating your hallway; a room which can be peculiarly shaped or sized. Here at Rug Traders we have a variety of hallway runners available, in a range of colours and styles. See our blog for further information on both how to pick the right rug for your style, and rug shape for your room.

Invest In A Statement Chair

Decorating your hallway with a statement chair

If you’re lucky enough to have a hallway big enough to house a statement chair, you absolutely need to take advantage of this! Indeed, a statement chair is a must-have for any hallway with adequate space, and undoubtedly one of our best-loved hall stairs and landing ideas to maximise both comfort and practicality. Combined with a cute bookcase and cosy lighting, a statement chair has the power to convert a ‘through’ room into a fully functioning space. Add a couple of comfy cushions and chic throws and say hello to your new favourite reading nook!

Don’t Forget The Little Extras

Statement pieces as house hall decoration ideas

As with any room, it’s all in the details. Never play down just how much charm, character and cheer can be added simply by sprinkling in a few trinkets amongst your more practical décor. Whilst this technique is easily remembered for the more pivotal rooms in the home, hallways are commonly forgotten when truly they shouldn’t be! You could opt for more personal touches, such as photo frames and souvenirs, or trendier pieces, à la framed prints and ornaments (you can even use rugs as wall art!). Even a bunch of flowers in a pretty vase can go a long way in creating that welcoming, homelier feel; all perfect for decorating your hallway and the entrance point to your abode.


Ultimately, by spending more of your interior decorating time focused on the humble hallway, and employing the above hall stairs and landing ideas, you’ll create a wonderfully welcoming entrance to your home. This will give a thoroughly positive first impression to everyone who enters, which is sure to spread throughout the rest of your abode. To get even more out of your hallway, read our tips on how to maximise your hallway’s space.