How to Decorate Your Home with Things You Already Have

How to Decorate Your Home with Things You Already Have

With home décor trends changing so often, you could easily spend a fortune updating your home interiors. But if you’re hankering for a change while watching the pennies, why not learn how to decorate a room with handmade things or with items you already own? Not only are DIY home decor ideas gentle on your wallet but also on the environment. You can’t beat the satisfaction of what feels like a brand new space without having spent a dime!

1. Switch up fabrics

A quick and impactful change to the feel of a room can be achieved by rethinking the fabrics and soft furnishings. Swap your master bedroom bedding with the guest room bedding for a fresh look and feel. You could also swap lampshades between rooms to jazz up the combination of colours and textures. While you’re at it, why not exchange your bedroom cushions or blankets with the scatter cushions and throws in the living room? The possibilities are endless!

how to decorate a room with handmade things
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2. Rearrange surfaces

The surfaces in your home are blank canvases waiting to be spruced up. Try stacking a couple of your favourite books or magazines on your coffee table alongside some fresh flowers from your garden. Or, if you have a dresser, pair a pretty tray from the kitchen with a candle and a bottle of your favourite perfume for a French boutique vibe.

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3. Photos and pictures

If you have pictures and photographs already hung around the home, you can easily rearrange them for a change of scene. Or, how about creating a gallery wall with frames and mirrors which aren’t currently in use? For a bolder change, explore homemade decoration such as creating a wall-hanging by hanging a rug as wall art, especially if you have a spare rug you aren’t currently using.

4. Swap rugs around

On the topic of rugs, simply rotating them around the rooms of your home can make a huge difference to the feel and vibe of your home. For example, try putting the hallway runner in the kitchen, or move the rug from the study to under the dining table. There are so many variations to play with to get a brand new look in your home.

diy home decor ideas
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5. Rearrange furniture

It’s amazing how different a room can look after a quick switch-around of furniture. Look at each room and evaluate – could you turn the dining table 90 degrees? Could the sofa go against a different wall? Would the bed fit on the other side of the bedroom? Seemingly simple changes can make the world of difference when it comes to the appearance and feel of a space. It may take some trial and error and an extra pair of hands, but moving furniture is a simple solution and allows you to do a quick spring clean of a room while you’re at it!

Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired by these DIY home decor ideas to give your home a new lease of life without traipsing around IKEA! For more home décor tips, browse our previous blog posts.

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