Do Rugs Make A Room Warmer?

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Nobody wants to live in a cold house, but with the cost of living crisis, nobody wants to put the heating on either! We are constantly searching for ways to make our homes cosier and more comfortable; keeping warm in the winter and saving money on heating and carpets are important to everyone.

 In this post, we’re taking a look at how you can use rugs to warm up a room.

Fluffy high-pile rug on wooden flooring.

How Rugs Can Make a Room Warmer

When considering placing a rug in your room, people often go for what is aesthetically pleasing, but making your room look more inviting is not the only benefit of having a rug; rugs also provide better insulation than bare floors. Rugs are unsurprisingly warmer than laminate or wooden floorings. If you’re a wooden floor lover, you can combat your warmth problem by placing a rug on top of your flooring can make it feel less cold, especially if placed close to windows, air vents or by doors where the cold can creep in. Yet, still having your laminate or wooden flooring on show, maintains your original aesthetic.

What Type of Rug Is Best?

If you need to decide on decorating your room with the right rug that helps you keep warm, our range of sheepskin rugs is the perfect fit. Unlike wooden flooring, sheepskin rugs are soft and toasty underfoot, offering a chic kind of comfort to your home. Creating a cosy look in your living room will also make your room naturally feel warmer without having to cover the expense of fully carpeted flooring or the stress of accidental stains and wear and tear that come with having a carpet.

Another option is shaggy rugs. They are incredibly popular for their luxurious and snuggly aesthetic and make great insulators for cold flooring and rooms as they effectively trap warm air inside their fibres. The difference between high and low pile rugs is the length of the fibres. High-pile rugs have longer fibres, they usually look and feel much softer than low-pile rugs, however, they can be more difficult to clean.

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Using Rugs to Keep a Larger Space Warm

Keeping a bigger room is more of a task than your average room. However, it is nothing an area rug can’t fix. Larger rugs will cover most of your floor space and preserve more warmth throughout the room. Putting rugs in areas of your room that you walk on frequently walk on is a little bit of luxury for your underfoot. It should also be noted that our selection of wool rugs is a good option and act as an exceptional heat insulator.

More Tips to Stay Toasty

In these cold conditions, if rugs alone aren’t enough and you still catch yourself shivering slightly, you can add draught excluders to your doorways to prevent any sneaky breezes from entering your home. Heated blankets and portable heaters are also a smart way to stay snug when you require some comfort.

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Try out one of our soft-to-touch rugs in your home to experience how rugs help warm up a room. Browse our range of rugs or contact us for more information on what may be best suited to you.

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