Easy Patio Makeover Ideas

An outdoor, wooden patio framed by sofas, a swing chair and a cream coloured, round outdoor rug.

Summer is a stone’s throw away, and the warmer weather and longer days are drawing us to spend more time in our gardens. To make the most of your outdoor space and the better weather, you’re probably looking for some easy patio makeover ideas.

The best outdoor spaces are inviting, functional, relaxing and full of style. Thankfully, you don’t need to blow your budget or your time to makeover your garden in this way. There are so many easy and innovative garden patio decorating ideas that will suit a range of outdoor living spaces.

So, we’re going to explain how to decorate a patio easily by sharing seven of our favourite simple and effective outdoor décor ideas that will inspire you to refresh your exterior living.

How to Decorate a Patio:
7 Outdoor Garden Décor Ideas

Idea #1 – Outdoor Rugs

Creating an outdoor living space that serves as an extension of your indoor living space is a growing trend. For an easy yet effective way to jump on this trend, we recommend furnishing your patio with an outdoor rug – one of our favourite outdoor garden décor ideas.

Flatweave rugs make a fabulous addition to outdoor living, whether that’s to complement a dining space, a social space or a space for R&R. Not only do they add style, sophistication and comfort, they are also durable and easy to maintain.  

Using an outdoor rug is also practical because they help to protect your flooring, especially in areas with heavy footfall. Also, a rug will instantly cover-up a faded deck or a cracked patio tile, giving your outdoor space an instant refresh!

Overall, outdoor rugs make one of the best easy patio makeover ideas because they instantly makeover your space, require minimal effort and are an easy way to define the space in your garden. 


Idea #2 – Mirrors

You may not have thought about bringing mirrors outdoors, but they make an excellent addition to any garden.

Not only do mirrors add interest and style to your exterior space, but they also open up your space, making it feel bigger.

You don’t need to splash a fortune on a mirror, though. Scout them out in charity shops, car boot sales or online market places.

Painting the frame of your mirror is also a great way to make it your own, and makes for a fun outdoor activity when the weather is nice!

Idea #3 – Paint the Fence

One of the easiest and most common outdoor garden décor ideas is to give your fence a fresh coat of paint. Re-painting your fence is an afternoon activity that will instantly spruce up your garden, just don’t be afraid to try something new!

To give your garden a facelift, try using dark coloured paint for your fence. Shades like black or forest green add depth to your garden and help make your vibrant plants and flowers pop.

Or why not go for something more colourful? Bright, fun fences make for an inviting outdoor space and will be sure to boost your mood too.

Idea #4 – Paint Plant Pots

If you’re unsure about committing to a freshly painted fence, then why not try painting some plant pots instead?

Painting flower pots is a fun activity and a quick, cost-effective outdoor décor idea that will add character to your garden.

For a sophisticated look, use a colour palette and patterns that match your outdoor furnishings, like your outdoor rug or throw cushions. Or, take a lighthearted approach and paint something fun or quirky.

This outdoor décor idea is a great one to get your kids involved with, too! Let them express their creativity and decorate some plant plots to feature in your garden.   


Idea #5 – Stylish Soft Furnishings

Another one of our favourite effortless garden patio decorating ideas is to experiment with soft furnishings.

Cushions and throws are an easy way to add some character to outdoor seating spaces. Opt for warm, neutral shades to complement the garden and to better reflect the sun. Or, bring the colour palette from your interior space to your garden, so that the two seamlessly flow together.

On top of style, soft furnishings also maximise comfort. Cosy cushions make long afternoons spent reading in the sun more comfortable, and soft throws keep you warm for sociable evenings with friends.

It’s also easy to pop cushion covers and throws in the washing machine when needed. And, to extend their lifespan, bring them inside overnight or when the weather is due to turn for the worse!

Idea #6 – Cosy Lighting

No outdoor space is complete without lighting. With the right lighting, you can enjoy your garden space even when the sun starts to set.

An affordable and versatile garden patio decorating idea is to purchase outdoor fairy lights. They can cover a large area, be hung from a variety of surfaces and instantly bring cosiness to your garden.

Putting up fairy lights can be easily done, but remember to take care when hanging them from a height. They look great wrapped around tree trunks and branches, or hung up from a patio ceiling or trellis. For extra cosiness, we recommend choosing warm coloured fairy lights. 


Idea #7 – Grow Vertical

Our final easy patio makeover idea is to add dimension to your garden by making use of vertical space.

Hanging planters and baskets is a simple way to add more vibrance to your garden and to make the most of your outdoor space. You could hang floral baskets by your backdoor, or slot hanging flower pots into your fence.

Another idea is to bring an old shelving unit or bookcase outside. You can use it to add height to your garden by showcasing potted plants or flowers on its shelves. If you don’t have a shelving unit to hand, you can find affordable ones in stores, charity shops or online marketplaces. 

So, there you have seven easy patio makeover ideas that will refresh and transform your exterior living space.

Gardens are there to be used and enjoyed, especially throughout the summertime, so take time to add the features of a living space. Outdoor rugs, fairy lights and soft furnishings are easy, quick and practical ways to extend your interior style to your back garden. 

For more design inspiration, check out our blog or have a browse through our beautiful collection of rugs!

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