Expected Interior Design Trends for 2018: Expert Predictions

Influential interior designers and bloggers, as well as keen Pinterest users, have played a large role in popularising the biggest interior trends of 2017. Last year saw Scandinavian influences, white marble kitchens, and copper features prevail, with these styles flourishing and making their mark on many homes throughout the year. But what does the new year have in store for us? Experts in the world of interior design have put together their predictions to help us gear up for the upcoming interior trends. Will Scandinavian and copper features return? Keep your home at the forefront of home styling with knowledge of these upcoming interior trends in 2018.

Bold Colour Changes

Scandinavian interiors continued in popularity throughout 2017, with simple and clean lines combined with fresh and neutral colour tones taking over homes. This trend transformed interiors into a minimalistic sanctuary through introducing natural materials, house plants, and relaxing colour palettes. The Scandinavian influence wasn’t new to 2017, with the previous hygge trend stretching its influence to the UK a couple of years ago. However, although this style has taken homes, Instagram posts and Pinterest boards by storm, this Scandinavian trend could be going out of style as quickly as it swooped in. “Interiors over the last few years have been heavily influenced by Scandinavian style with lots of white and grey, crisp interiors. I think we are going to a see a shift towards more colour in 2018, particularly lush deep greens and beige-pinks (a more grown up version of this year’s ‘millennial pink’). A more cosy approach to home-style, which will cocoon us from the crazy, uncertain world around us!”Heather Milner, interior blogger from Inside Her Home Perhaps the sheepskin rugs and neutral tones are going to be replaced with bold feature walls, bright rugs, and colourful furnishings? This trend could be a brighter and bolder future for interior design.

Return of the Red

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Alongside variations of greens and beige-pinks, 2018 could see red adding more vibrancy to our homes by appearing in home décor trends this year. “We can expect to see a spike in dark red interiors – this colour has been unappreciated for a while now but it’s slowly seeping back into paint, wall art, and accessories”Amy Brandhorst, interior designer at Topology London Red is a beautifully bold statement colour and a great interior feature colour. Small accents of red, perhaps through an armchair, cushion, or red wall print, are brilliant ways of dipping your toes into the upcoming red trend that we can expect to see.

Out With the Copper, In With the Gold

Copper was, without a doubt, one of the biggest interior design trends of 2017. Copper lighting features, kitchen handles, and pots and pans became commonplace in many households. It has been a much-loved trend that many have loved to jump onboard with, but it has been speculated that the copper trend isn’t here to stay… and one of our experts expects to see the trend coming to a halt this year: “I love the look of copper when it comes to things like copper-bottomed pans, but once every single shop on the high street comes along with a copper range, it’s time to move on. The thing is, gold and brass do and have always had more staying power. But gold finishes have been around for eons – it’s classic, it’s beautiful and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.”Kimberly Duran, interior blogger from Swoon Worthy

Goodbye Marble, Hello Terrazzo

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This year saw a rise in the terrazzo trend, a material that incorporates speckles of stone in concrete. Originally a type of Italian flooring that was hap-hazard and inexpensive, this design has more recently been adopted by luxurious homes and restaurants, becoming an iconic style that has been mastered by many. Flecks of different-sized and coloured granite, marble, quartz, and more, make up the material and result in a striking and eclectic design feature. “The beautiful terrazzo trend will continue into 2018, but this time with larger flecks and bolder colours!”Amy Brandhorst, Topology London This terrazzo trend has been rivalling the much-loved marble, which up until now has taken over kitchen surfaces, flooring, table tops, and even wall coverings over the last few years. However, it appears that marble may be coming to the end of its peak with terrazzo expected to flourish alongside the increase in bold colours this year. For those wanting to introduce this trend to their own home while keeping cost and work at a minimum, terazzo wallpaper is a great compromise and produces the same beautiful effect.

Take a Seat

Furniture trends are always evolving, whether it be to demonstrate new, contemporary styles, or see the return of trends that haven’t been seen for decades. Although trends come and go, different styles of sofa have always remained. Sofas have long been the main part of a living space, taking up the most room and often being limited in spaces that they can fit into. However, 2018 could see more of a focus on the armchair, a much more versatile piece of furniture: “The sofa may have had a good run but the armchair is taking over. Recently, a client asked for their lounge to be furnished with chairs rather than the usual sofa and chairs combo. Chairs appeal to visitors for the safe space they offer, and with so many designs available, you will surely find exactly the right fit for your home. I predict that more people will invest in a statement chair in 2018.” Yasmin Chopin, interior designer at Yasmin Chopin Interiors This might bring a whole new way of utilising a living space. Rather than investing in a large sofa that takes up the most space in a room, armchairs are much more versatile and create a more sociable living space.

Ceramic Meets Floral

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Alongside the bold colours we expect to see in the new year, these may come into fruition with the patterns we might expect to see too. Bold bathroom makeovers could be taken over by vivid florals – and not in the version of house plants, but instead in the form of painted ceramic tiles: “I absolutely love large scale floral tiles with a botanical/painterly edge. They would look amazing in a shower. I think people are going to be more brave with their tiling in the future.”Maxine Brady, interior stylist at Maxine Brady and interior blogger from Styling Maxine Brady. Patterned tiles were featured throughout 2017, particularly in terms of geometric styles, but the floral trend has been holding back. Could this be the year for floral ceramics?   With these predictions in mind, we could be in for an exciting year of colour and furniture changes. With influential interior designers and bloggers playing a large role in home trends, we can be almost certain to see these trends come into fruition. Rugs are a brilliant way of introducing a new colour trend into your home, so be sure to check out our wonderful rug collection.  

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