Give Your Home a Rustic Makeover this Autumn

As Autumn approaches, this presents you with the perfect opportunity to transform your interiors into a warm and inviting rustic sanctuary. In this blog, we’ll suggest some rustic interior design ideas you can use this Autumn.

Texture, texture, texture!

A rustic home incorporates minimalisation with authentic stand out pieces for a nature-inspired, warm, Autumn feel. A versatile way of bringing the outdoors into your home, but still with a modern twist, is to use wood. If you are considering a complete rustic home make over, exposed wooden beams can be the perfect way to create a rustic feel, or perhaps a wooden feature wall. Alternatively, for an easier way to transform your house, try incorporating wooden furniture. The character of a rustic interior is not the fresh and modern look of a contemporary interior, yet instead a homely and warm vibe that the furniture can reflect. Farm-house wooden tables are designed to look used and add a cosy, welcoming feel. Wooden tables also stand out as authentic centre pieces when surrounded by clear modern chairs.


In creating a rustic interior design, lighting tends to be exaggerated. To contrast the textured features, a chic and elegant chandelier and other low hanging lights combine nature with the modern. Authentic and neutral coloured lamps poised around the room can create a warm and cosier feel. Most rustic homes incorporate natural light by having big barn windows and skylights. However, this effect can be more easily achieved. By replacing blinds with long curtains, windows can be exaggerated as the curtains are pulled to either side – making the most of the natural light.

Warm and cosy colours

Most rustic interior design ideas incorporate a neutral colour scheme of brown, deep oranges, and creams, with the occasional duck egg blue and cosy purples. While the minimalist colours draw focus onto the textured pieces and lighting features, for a unique twist a pop of red or orange add character. However, if you’re after an authentic rustic ambiance, then try to keep the bursts of colour to a minimum.

The little things

Adding finishing touches can be an easier way of giving your home a rustic makeover this autumn. Accessories such as antique brass mirrors and antelope horns can be small additions to your interior that contrast with the minimalism and create a warm feel. Greenery can also be a way of incorporating nature within your home, and can be easily done through vases and even indoor hanging pieces. Artwork in a rustic home is influenced by animals and nature, and often in warm colours to add to the homely feel. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a modern twist on your rustic interior design, then perhaps consider modern artwork to contrast the authentic wooden furniture and warm coloured walls. Finally, no rustic home makeover is complete without a warm and cosy rug. Here at Rug Traders, we offer a perfect range of luxuriously soft sheepskin rugs to add comfort to your interiors, also filling floor space to give your home a cosy vibe. You may also want to shop by colour, either brown or grey rugs are perfect shades for that rustic feel.

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