How to Decorate the Perfect Nursery on a Budget

decorating the perfect nursery on a budget

When it comes to decorating the perfect space for your lovely little one it’s important that a nursery is both functional, aesthetically pleasing and, of course, not too expensive. This can sometimes seem like an impossible task particularly at the start, when having to decide which items take precedence over others. To help with this problem, we’ve put together a few handy hints and tips to get you started and help those creative ideas flow, so you can start to shape the design of the nursery on that all-important budget.

1. Pick an Overall Theme

A lot easier said than done, however, establishing an overall theme or even just a colour palette for a nursery can help develop your ideas for the décor in the nursery. Use the tools you have available to help, with Pinterest being an amazing inspirational hub for all interior design ideas.

Another great way to start, in terms of themes, is to think of what you liked most as a child and also the types of ideas and inspiration you want to pass on to your child. For example, if you’re a keen traveller and adventurer you could use that as a theme and incorporate the many places you’ve visited into the design; maps, planes, amazing photographs – the ideas are endless for this kind of theme!

2. Storage is Key

Babies need a surprising number of things – clothes, nappies, toys, essential travel equipment, books and the list goes on. However, they’re not going to stay a baby forever and to save money long term it’s best to get storage pieces that can be easily used for something else in the future. As an example, open storage boxes are a versatile storage solution, as they can be used for almost anything! Wall shelves are another great storage option and a discreet way to hide clutter. These can be extra handy if placed above your changing station, so you can have easy access to all your changing equipment. Later, they can be used to display decorative features, books or collectables when your little one gets older.


3. Rugs

As your first decorative item in a room, baby nursery rugs make a great centrepiece (even if your space is small and you need a small nursery rug) and can help you make further decorative decisions for the room. For more information on choosing a rug for a child’s bedroom, please read our previous blog. Overall, when it comes to rugs in a baby or a child’s room, stain resistance is essential.

A sheepskin rug is a great choice for the nursery, as its fibres are naturally resistant to most types of dirt. A shaggy rug is also a good option, particularly on a hardwood floor, as the rug will be cushioned for baby to sit and roll around on. However, just make sure the shaggy rug has short pile to keep your baby safe.

Remember, when it comes to decorating your baby’s space it needs to be personalised and have elements of you, the parents, reflected in the decoration. For more interior design hints and tips, keep reading our regular blog posts. Alternatively, head over to our online shop to have a look at our extensive rug collection.