How to Find the Best Price Rugs Online Without Compromising Quality

how to find the best price rugs online without compromising quality

When it comes to finding the best price rugs, you may be worried about whether low cost rugs means compromised quality. At Rug Traders, however, because of our unique sourcing model, we are able to deliver the best quality rugs without the price tag; buying our rugs directly from the producers and manufacturers and cutting out the middle man. We specially select our collection and buy our rugs in bulk, holding them in stock, which means that the amount of stock we advertise is always accurate and our delivery time is always quick.

How is our delivery time able to be so quick compared to other retailers? Well, unlike other retailers we don’t buy rugs to order from a wholesaler, meaning you have to wait up to a week or 10 days for delivery. Due to us dealing directly with the producers and holding stock, we are able to ship directly from our warehouse, so you get your rug within a very short time frame – often the next day!

In this post we will be comparing pricing from a handful of online retailers for two particular rugs; Jasper rugs and Royal Palace rugs. Both are very popular styles but with significant differences, which will later be explored. If you are looking for low cost rugs then you may feel that these popular styles will be out of your price range, but finding the best prices for rugs such as these, is much easier than you think at Rug Traders because we source our rugs direct from manufacturers and makers. Read on to find out how this benefits our customers.

How Can You Offer Such Low Cost Rugs With Such A Quick Delivery?

We take pride in the relationships we have with the manufacturers of the rugs we sell. We carefully source our collection of rugs travelling far and wide ourselves, to find the best quality and to cut out the middle man, buying rugs directly from the makers themselves each time. Many of our competitors and larger brands buy from wholesalers rather than manufacturers, meaning that the rugs are more expensive as they go through a wholesaler first before they even reach the online retailer. In addition, when purchasing from wholesalers, each rug is purchased in line with when a sales order comes through, meaning your delivery time is often much longer as a result.

At Rug Traders, we purchase our pieces in bulk from the makers themselves, ensuring are customers always have an accurate reading of how many we have in stock on our website. All of this ensures our customers have a much quicker delivery time and cheaper prices too! In fact, many of our competitors actually ask us to source their rugs for them, as our fast delivery and low prices are sort after in the industry due to our efficient sourcing efforts.  

Rug Price Comparison

Let’s put this theory to the test, with the help of Jasper rugs. A Jasper rug is a very distinctive type of rug, mixing bold colours and unique patterns to create an explosive statement. Rug Traders Jasper rugs are made from 100% wool pile, making them the perfect insulator, expressing the feeling of comfort immediately in to any space.


 When researching other online retailers we found that for the same quality rug, hand woven like our own, some retailers prices were as high as £84.99 for the smallest available size. As you will see in the table below, Rug Traders price for a Jasper rug at the same size (80x150cm) is only £34.99. The way to avoid these expensive prices all comes down to making sure you do your research and compare all retailers prices, challenging their sourcing methods and delivery time. Just as we mentioned earlier, this example shows when rugs are sourced from wholesalers and not directly from the maker, it costs more for the customers in the end.

Prices Accurate At 11:00am 19/06/19

Moving on to Royal Palace rugs, this design adds a touch of elegance to any space with an ode to Persian inspired design, their regal essence is undeniable. When conducting price comparison research for this type of rug, we found that the majority of other retailers selling royal palace rugs were 100% acrylic. At Rug Traders we use a polypropylene yarn construction, which is known for being more hard wearing than acrylic material. Although cheap to use, acrylic does compromise the longevity of rug. Polypyrene on the other hand, has a very similar look to wool, creating a fuller and cosier effect in a room.


With that in mind, it seems logical to assume that the acrylic Royal Palace rugs would be cheaper, however that is not the case. As shown, in the table above, Rug Traders prices save customers up to 48.5% on these types of rugs. One of the higher amounts we found for this style in size (160x235cm) actually went up to a £331.57, which was also made from 100% acrylic material, giving you a saving from Rug Traders of 45.7%. This proves that regardless of the quality of fabric used, if the sourcing methods are not efficient, it’s the customer who unfortunately pays for it.

Top Tips For Getting Top Quality Low Cost Rugs

Remember, that the key to finding the best price rugs is to do your research. Retailers display the materials used, pricing and also stock availability, very clearly next to their products in most cases. If you are unsure or unfamiliar with the type of material listed, be sure to read up on them, so you know you are receiving the best quality low cost rugs. Finally, be sure to check delivery details, which will be able to give a good indication of whether the company is sourcing directly from the maker like Rug Traders, or sourcing from a wholesaler meaning a much longer delivery time and an expensive price tag.

To browse the different styles of rug in our very own collection just visit out online shop. With an endless choice of rugs, you’re bound to find the perfect piece for your home which could be with you as early as tomorrow and we guarantee won’t break the bank!

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