How to fit a Traditional Rug in a Modern Space

Despite the distinctive design and rich colours of traditional rugs, they have never gone out of fashion. Modern trends come and go, but traditional features have remained. What many don’t realise is that the beauty of traditional rugs is that they can fit in both traditional and modern spaces. You shouldn’t feel obliged to stick to your modern interiors, the truth is that you can mix old and new to create an exquisite combination.

Stay Neutral

If you have a clean and light modern colour palette in your chosen room, you can introduce a traditional rug without it being overpowering. Settle for a little subtle pattern and colour to blend the rug into the rest of its surroundings.

Go bold

Alternatively, if you have some bright, modern furnishings, why not add a bright and traditional rug to the mix. A colourful rug can really bring a room to life and tie in various colours from around the room. This can work even if you don’t have many colours in a room – create a statement with your traditional rug.

Add Some Warmth

For cool tones in a modern room, an oriental rug can add the perfect dose of rich colour and pattern. Adding this little bit of warmth can be just what a contemporary room needs to add a bit of character and homeliness. With various colours to choose from, opting for a rug with reds and oranges helps you to achieve the added warmth that your space may be looking for.

Combine Traditional with Scandinavian

The Scandinavian way of living has very much rubbed off on current interior trends. The simplistic design and neutral colour tones are all inspired by natural light and natural materials. The result is often a light, airy, and open space. This look is lovely and refreshing, but can be made more homey and characterful with a little touch of traditional design. Geometric patterns and traditional Persian rugs can complement these spaces with some complimentary contrasts.

Let One Style Dominate

To create the perfect harmony of traditional and modern décor, it’s good practice to let one of these styles dominate. Because of this, having a fully modern room and introducing a traditional rug can help to perfect the balance. Not achieving this all important balance can result in a mismatch of styles that become too busy and overpowering.

Timeless Pattern

The beauty of traditional rugs is that their patterns are timeless. With modern trends constantly changing, you can be reassured that your traditional rug will stay on-trend and adapt to different styles.

Introduce Character from the Get Go

Adding a traditional hallway runner to your entrance hall can immediately add some character and warmth to a usually uninspiring space. Adding a traditional rug can really help to make a space feel more cosy and homely, without being too overpowering with a completely traditional décor. Having a modern hallway may look clean and simple, but it can sometimes look a little cold and plain. That added touch of an oriental or tribal rug can bring a space together perfectly, welcoming people into your home with warming colours and patterns. These tips will help you to achieve a splendid combination of traditional and modern décor. Contemporary trends often see traditional styles weaving their way back into current styles. Introducing a traditional rug into a modern space can be the perfect way of harmonising the old and new into one room.

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