How to Stop Your Rug from Shedding

The addition of a beautiful shaggy rug in a room can give it a certain allure that is difficult to get anywhere else. However, one issue that drives people round the bend is the rug constantly shedding! Rug shedding is normal, as shedding occurs when the fibres become loose – particularly with rugs derived from natural fibres like wool. So how do you stop your rug from shedding? Follow these simple tips to minimize those fluff balls on your rug.  


It can be tempting to attack your rug with an array of different vacuum attachments in an attempt to stop the shedding. However, this may be doing more harm than good! A brush or beater bar attachment will just pull the fibres out more, making the shedding worse. Instead, try adjusting the beater bar so it is barely touching the rug’s surface and alter the vacuum to a softer setting. Top Tip: Start by vacuuming your rug in one direction that goes against the pile, then do the opposite by vacuuming in the direction of the pile. This method helps catch any loose fibres and loosens dirt.  


To stop your rug shedding, raking your rug can be an alternative to vacuuming. You can buy speciality rug rakes online – check out this blog for a review of the best rug rakes. Speciality rug rakes help eliminate the risk of pulling up fibres, perform this weekly or more often if needed. Likewise, a clean pet brush or broom may also work but avoid any product that is harsh on fibres such as wired-bristled brushes.  


Placing your rug in an area where there is less traffic is important when trying to stop your rug from shedding. If your rug is placed in an area with high traffic (i.e. where there is lots of movement and activity), it can increase the amount of shedding. The rug can always be moved once it has stopped shedding.  


Using rug pads not only protects your rug from wear and tear, moisture and from slipping on wooden floors it also helps reduce rug shedding. Ideally, the padding should be about an inch less both width and length so the rug completely covers it.  


Naturally in wool rugs, wool tufts will appear on the surface of the rug. Resist the urge to pull the tufts off as this will further damage the fibres and cause a fuzzing appearance on top of the rug. Instead, trim these tufts using a sharp pair of scissors then, with clean hands, wipe your hand over the surface to collect the now loose fibres and balls.  

Smart Shopping

Good quality fibres shed less than poor quality fibres. Typically, higher quality rugs are made from a ‘continuous filament’, meaning it’s made of one long fibre that won’t pull out or unravel. Whilst these rugs tend to be more expensive, they are worth it as they don’t shed as much. A ‘staple fibre’ rug is made of many short strands that can potentially come out and cause excessive shedding. These rugs tend to be the cheaper options but lack the quality – and so shed more. In terms of shaggy rugs, you get what you pay for.   With these handy tips you now know how to stop your rug from shedding. For all rug-related queries, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to assist. Alternatively, check out the rest of our blog for other useful tips and tricks for your interiors.

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