How to Style Bathroom Rugs Correctly


There are so many benefits to jumping on the bandwagon of the latest interior trend of using bathrooms rugs. For starters, bathroom rugs feel great on bare feet and add an extra layer of decorative quality and stylisation to any room. However, are bathroom rugs practical and is their maintenance worthwhile? In this post, we will aim to tackle some of the most commonly asked questions regarding styling, use and upkeep of bathroom rugs so that you can decide the answer once and for all.


Where to place bathroom rugs

The question of placement is one that depends entirely on the shape and size of your bathroom, just like the placement of any rug in a room. If you have an enviable size bathroom, two rugs would work well, with one more towards the sink and the other in front of the bath/shower, as you would normally place it. Or, if the shape of your bathroom is long but narrow, you could use a large runner rug to go down the centre of the space.

If you have a very small space and think you would struggle to just get one rug in the bathroom, then we recommend going for extra small rugs, which you would ideally place closer to/under the sink to make the open space look bigger.


How to clean bathroom rugs

As normal rugs are not designed for water exposure and moisture, they could become damaged over time if they are not looked after properly. However, keeping on eye on the state of your bathroom rug and keeping on top of maintenance will result in your rug staying in good shape for longer. Can bathroom rugs be washed? Of course! However, not too regularly, especially if they have slip-resistant tread on the back to avoid breakage, and be sure to follow guidelines for washing all rugs via their label.

How to make bathroom rugs non-slip                    

Some of you may be wondering whether bathroom rugs are functional and if they are a good enough replacement, in terms of slip prevention, for bath mats. If the bathroom rug you have your eye on doesn’t have any anti-slip tread underneath then you can always make sure it is safe and secure with an anti-slip mat. These mats prevent rugs from sliding on wood, laminate, tiled, vinyl and even carpeted floors. In addition, the backing of the rug will be protected, meaning your rug will be in good health for longer.

If you are keen to add a bathroom rug to your bathroom, then check out our specific collection of bathroom rugs on our website. Alternatively, you can browse our stunning rug collection based on our recommendations for every room in your home, here.