How to Transform Your Home Office into an Inspiring Space

how to turn your home office into an inspiring space

While the nation works from home, it’s never been more important to have a good home office setup. If this is a new dynamic for you, it can be helpful to draw on home office room ideas to help you separate work and play. While some adjust well to working from home, others can find it difficult to concentrate. So, in this blog post, we suggest some easy tips on how to turn your home office into an inspiring space!

Home Office Room Ideas

how to turn your home office into an inspiring space

One of the key questions to think about is where your office will be in the home. Some people may have a dedicated study in their house or a spare bedroom in which you can fit a desk. However, others with less space need to be more adventurous with where their office will be. You may not think your bedroom to be the best place for a home office, yet if you’re limited for space then placing a little desk in a spare corner can be an easy fix (if you won’t feel too inclined to have quick nap in bed!). It all depends upon the layout of your house, but alternatively, an office space in the kitchen or living room can work, or even a converted shed!

The space you choose will largely dictate the kind of desk and chair you will use. If you’re in a small space, you might find a fold down desk useful, or a corner desk to slot neatly into the corner. If you have more room for your office area, you can be more adventurous. What about a standing desk to boost productivity and keep you on your feet to avoid sitting all day long?

Home Office Decorating Tips

home office room ideas

To be productive, consider the small details to create a holistically inspiring working environment. Factors like lighting and temperature are essential. The right lighting helps you to keep focused by keeping you feeling awake and also brightening up your work area. It’s hard to work in a dimly-lit office so working next to a window is a great source of light and so are lamps. If you have a dedicated room for your home office, you could try painting the room a soothing colour that encourages focus, such as a pastel green or blue. The neutrality of off-white walls can also reduce distractions and help you think clearly.

Personalisation is also brilliant in a home office environment. Place a few personal photos and mementos on your desk or on a clip board on the wall. You could also include some motivational quotes on prints to keep you going on a slow day! You can decorate your space as minimal or as artsy as you like, depending on your taste, but try not to create too many busy-looking distractions.

Another brilliant way of transforming your home office design is to add a few areas of interest and home comforts. House plants are brilliant for this, as well as a few prints to place on the wall. Additionally, including rugs in home offices are a great home office décor idea as they can help compartmentalise an area of a room as your work station. Shop our rugs for a huge range of minimalistic, stylish and comfy rugs to suit your style and give you the finishing touch to your home office.

Streamline for Efficiency

home office decorating tips

It’s no surprise that good organisation is key to being productive. Perhaps you are used to organising your work in a planner or on your phone (or maybe not at all!), but it can be inspiring to have your plan of the week and daily tasks displayed visually on a wall using white boards or post-it notes. You can then tick these off as and when you complete your tasks, which is an extremely satisfying feeling.

Home office design ideas don’t have to be complicated – simply keeping your desk organised and clutter-free produces a much more inspirational space to work in. Consider adding a filing system to not only improve the aesthetics of the room (consider some chic colour or gold features), but it also helps to keep your work organised.

To work efficiently, you also need to be in a comfortable temperature. In summer it’s great to have the fresh air of a window, yet it’s important for you to decide whether views and noise will distract you. Some people find that they help whereas others will find this a distraction, in which case consider placing a desk away from a window.

In summer, having a fan is an easy and effective way of keeping you cool while you work. In winter, make sure your office space is sufficiently warm through a soft rug, your radiator, heaters, or keep a couple of chic blankets handy. But beware of becoming too warm as this can end up making you sleepy!

For more home office interior design inspiration, check out our home office Pinterest board!

If you’ve found the recent work-from-home dynamic challenging, these home office décor ideas will transform your space in no time and help you settle into your working day. We’d love to see how you use these home office room ideas. Feel free to tag us in your photos on Instagram!