Inexpensive Home Décor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Pad

Inexpensive Home Décor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Pad
It’s the end of the year – budgets are low as we tick Christmas gifts off the list and break the bank with endless social gatherings during the festive period. But after a long year, you might feel ready to give your home a spruce up and refresh, perhaps hoping to do so once the Christmas decs have been put away.
However, if your funds simply won’t stretch far enough to budget for a complete room or home renovation, we have some great and inexpensive home décor ideas to present to you! Find out how to decorate a house on a low budget with the following creative ideas:

Utilise Your Bath Towels

Folded Bathroom Towels

Bath towels might not be the first thing that spring to mind when looking for home décor inspiration, but chances are that you’re not arranging them in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Many of us are partial to chucking the towel over the radiator or scrunching it into a bundle somewhere it probably shouldn’t be. But why not make a statement out of your towels instead? Pull out your favourite towels and proudly display them into a statement decoration by neatly folding and arranging them in your bathroom(s).

Spruce Up Your Tables

A lot can be done with coffee and side tables within a home, and investing in a few affordable vases and buying some real or false flowers to decorate them with can immediately freshen and brighten up a room. In summer, you can even use bits from the garden as a budget-friendly decoration! Or, if you’re looking for some hassle-free style, consider buying some artificial foliage. Faux Peonies look particularly stylish!

Stylish Doormat for a Warm Welcome

An attractive doormat sets the tone for the rest of the home, so why not get creative with it? Door mats are by no means expensive and can transform your home’s entrance. You could choose from the traditional and classy Welcome to something funny and unique. Go wild!

Chic Magazine Display

Magazine Display - Inexpensive home décor ideas

Think twice before throwing away the magazine you might find in your stocking this year! A great way to smarten up your living room is to stylishly arrange some magazines, brochures and tables on your table. Tuft and Trim explains the benefit of layering books and magazines on your coffee table, adding dimension and interest to your room!

Transform Your Bookshelves

If your bookshelf is in a little bit of disarray, spending some time neatening it up and introducing some order can have a big impact on a room. To make your bookshelf look even better, consider investing in some affordable and attractive book-ends! Wayfair and Not On The High Street both have some wonderfully creative book-ends, which offer great inexpensive home décor ideas!

Revive Old Furniture

Painting Furniture

Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself to be a DIY-expert, you might still be surprised at how achievable it is to renovate your furniture with a lick of paint. To help a room to feel bright and fresh, consider painting dark wooden furniture with a lighter grey or cream shade. These tones can produce a chic and contemporary finish that will breathe new life into dates furniture. Alternatively, if your furniture is not suitable for painting, look for some cheap furniture options that are more suitable. This way, you’re still working to a budget!


Although artwork can go a long way in defining the style and comfort of a room, it can be notoriously expensive. Many pieces of art are considered to be investments, which signifies their expense, but not everyone can splash the cash to invest in such pieces. Fear not though, for DIY art might just be easier and more effective than you might initially expect.
Better Homes & Gardens have identified some ways to get creative yourself, without breaking the bank – or your back! Take a chevron wall feature, for example; simply sourcing some wood shims (available from most hardware stores), spray painting them in different colours, and arranging them in a chevron pattern on your wall can create a beautiful and unique feature!

New Rug

Home Décor Inspiration

Flooring is one of the first signs to show wear and tear, particularly wooden flooring that has to endure a lot of footfall. Instead of stressing over the price and hassle of ripping it all out and replacing it with something new, why not invest in a much more budget-friendly rug to spruce up your space? Whether you choose to invest in a large area rug or a small sheepskin, rugs can look and feel luxurious.
With these inexpensive home décor ideas in tow, you can work towards updating the areas of your home that you wish to do so without breaking the bank or having to save up too much!
For more home décor inspiration, take a look at our previous guides and blog posts, and for any rug-related queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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