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Greek Key Flatweave Rug


Designed with durability in mind, the Greek Key Flatweave rugs offer an extremely practical range of rugs that are anti-slip and easy to clean, perfect for kitchens.

Beige Red Black natural Grey


Why We Love This Rug

• Hardwearing

• Easy to clean

• Resistant to stains

• Anti-slip

The Story Behind This Rug 

Sometimes the rigors of everyday life are too much for a rug to withstand. However, innovative rug-weavers in Egypt have created a whole new level of practicality; a polypropylene rug that is hardwearing and durable. Perfect for kitchens, these rugs are easy to clean and resistant to stains. 

Practicality doesn’t mean a compromise on style – with a variety of colours to choose from, the subtle Greek key design can add a little pattern and style to your flooring. With a gel back, these rugs are anti-slip and perfect for hard or shiny flooring.