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Trellis Anti-Slip Durable Flatweave Rug

An extremely practical and hardwearing flatweave rug with a classic trellis design that never goes out of style.


Beige Grey natural Black Red


Why We Love This Rug: 


Available in 5 colour options

Beautiful trellis design


Easy to clean

The Story Behind This Rug

Rug-weaving is rife in Egypt’s history. This trellis rug is inspired by the traditional Sisal rug but is instead created from a much more practical polypropylene yarn. We have discovered several flatweave rugs in Egypt, all of which hold an outstanding quality that we have yet to see in any other range of flatweave rug. The weavers have perfected a smart trellis design in a range of colour options.

This rug has a gel back that is anti-slip, making this rug perfect for hard or shiny flooring. The lack of pile makes these rugs extremely hard-wearing and durable, and also makes it easier for the rug to maintain cleanliness as dirt isn’t being collected in the pile.