The Medicinal Benefits of Sheepskin Rugs


With the summer drawing to an end and the nights starting to get darker, cosy nights in are on the rise. No night in would be complete without a sofa, blanket, fireplace and the fluffiest rug sitting in front of it. However, sheepskin rugs are more than just a beautiful decorative feature in a room, as they also have many medicinal benefits, making them a year round essential! In this post we will take you through all the health benefits of sheepskin, proving that they don’t just look good, they’re also good for you (always a bonus).

1. Relieves aches and pains

If you have a few resident aches and pains in your back, knees, arms or anywhere in your body, sheepskin can take pressure off these limbs by distributing weight from the absorbed pressure evenly throughout your whole body.  

Each fibre in a sheepskin rug is naturally crimped, with each one containing a spiralling crimp which effectively works like a spring. This then creates the illusion of a cushion, making sheepskin rugs one of the most comfortable textiles around.


2. Body temperature

The benefits of sheepskin can even reach as far as newborn babies, as they are a fantastic way to help regulate body temperature, which for a newborn baby is a significant feature. The natural properties in wool can help to increase and decrease heat accordingly, so a perfect temperature can be reached. This is especially helpful for babies who are premature or have a lower weight when born. Are you now thinking of making a sheepskin rug a key part of your nursey? Check out our latest post on the topic, giving all the inspiration you need to design the perfect nursery!

Furthermore, allowing yourself to remain at a regular body temperature can also help to develop a better blood circulation, which could be extremely useful for someone of the older generation.

3. Soothes skin

The medicinal benefits of sheepskin can really help to change someone’s daily life for the better, especially for those who have sensitive, inflamed skin or suffer from conditions such as eczema. Sheepskin has lanolin in it, which contains similar properties to those found in human skin, it is a much friendlier alternative to carbon based fibres found in faux products. Desensitising and soothing skin irritations was never so easy!


4. A good night’s sleep

The benefits of sleeping on sheepskin include all of the above, all of these points combined with the comfort, support and climate regulation the fabric provides resulting in a better night’s sleep for all.

You can use sheepskin in the form of a bed throw, as well as rug in order to achieve a restful night’s sleep and add an extra texture to your bedding!

If you’ve already wisely invested in a sheepskin rug and feel like it could do with a little spruce, then check out our complete sheepskin rug care guide. If you would like to see our full range of stunning rugs, then please head over to our online store. Or, alternatively contact us with any queries you have regarding sheepskin rugs.