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Modern Rugs for Sale

Modern Rug Collection

We have a selection of modern rugs for sale at excellent value for money. Our rug traders have travelled to Belgium, India and beyond, sourcing our very own collection of contemporary rug designs. Each of our rugs has its own story. Some have been hand-loomed in Bahodi, where others have added a modern twist to designs that go back centuries. Browse our collection of modern rugs for sale today, or contact us to learn more.


Modern and Contemporary Rugs

Journeying to Belgium, Turkey, India and beyond, our Rug Traders are constantly searching for the best contemporary rug makers. We source our collection ourselves; providing the best value products without compromising on quality.

Our modern rug collection includes a range of eye-catching patterns and colours. For example, our geometric rugs are a smart and contemporary home addition. Their contrasting colours and bold lines will invigorate a living space or bedroom, making them a popular choice for homes across the country.

If your room already features lots of prints and patterns, consider one of our solid colour rugs. Designs such as the Padstow Modern Wool Rug will look spectacular in your hallway or lounge, adding an extra element of comfort and luxury without fighting with your existing décor.

We also offer rugs that add a contemporary twist to a traditional design. Our tribal and patchwork rugs have been inspired by the culture and history of their rug makers, whilst incorporating innovative new materials and patterns to bring them into the modern age.

Shop our collection online today, or contact us for more information on any of our modern and contemporary rugs.