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Capri Natural Rug

was £129.99


Grey Dark Grey Brown Ivory Sand


We buy our Capri rugs from the Princely state of Rajasthan in Northern India. The region has fantastic cottage industry which produces exceptional artisan textile goods. We get to Rajasthan via the overnight sleeper train from Delhi.The journey starts in the heaving metropolis of the capital and ends in the Thar Desert where roaming camels are a common sight.

Capri rugs are made from marvellously sustainable and environmentally friendly wool. The greenest renewable product on the planet! We use only 100 per centundyed natural wool. No dyes are used in these rugs.

The rugs are handmade on a hand loom. The skill involved in producing the incredibly subtle speckled effect on what is otherwise a plain rug is breathtaking. The 100 per cent wool pile is incredibly soft and dense which creates a heavyweight rug which oozes quality.

We recommend that you use rug underlay (anti slip) to prevent the rug from slipping and to stop the potential transfer of dark colours onto a light coloured floor.