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Bedale Luxury Soft Rug


These beautiful rugs can inject a little subtle luxury into your home. Brilliantly made with durable yarn that is easy to clean, these rugs offer timeless practicality and style.

Cream Grey silver grey


Why We Love This Rug:




•Sumptuously soft

•Superb quality 

The Story Behind This Rug

A wonderful lady named Frieda guided us towards our next rug purchase. It was a refreshing change to see some simple, stripped-back luxury. No intricate patterns and bold colour injections, just a range of classic, contemporary, and quality rugs. At first they looked plain in pattern and colour, but if you look closely you can identify graduated colours that add that little bit of character to these rugs.

Having woven this range of rugs using contemporary polypropylene yarn, these sumptuous rugs are durable to the demands of everyday life. Not only this, but they are easy to clean and maintain their luxury feel and appearance. Such rugs never go out of style and can add some warmth and comfort to a room. The beautiful colour palette is muted and simple, effortlessly fitting in with any colour scheme. 


We recommend using a rug underlay to prevent the rug from slipping, and to protect any dark colours transferring onto a light-coloured floor

Product code: 54253