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Bedale Modern Textured Geometric Rugs

A wonderful rug based on traditional Moroccan geometric shapes. Incorporating innovative polypropylene yarn, these rugs are durable and resistant to stains.




Why We Love This Rug: 

Contemporary geometric design


Easy to clean

Variety of colours available


The Story Behind This Rug 

The beauty of this geometric rug is the cultural history behind its structural pattern. Geometric shapes have been a part of Islamic art for centuries. Moroccan tribes have been incorporating these designs into textiles for a long time, and they have since become truly inspirational in modern rugs. A fellow in Belgium was lucky enough to have some original tribal rugs in his family. Inspired by the timeless and symmetrical shapes, he has since adopted a style for geometric style rugs. Taking inspiration from the originals, he has incorporated his favourite shapes into modern rugs.

We were lucky enough to come across this man and add these beautiful rugs to our collection. Buying into a little bit of Moroccan history, these rugs have a beautiful colour palette that is neutral but inspiring, able to fit into any space. Geometric designs are more popular than ever, and this rug is made with a polypropylene yarn that is extremely hard-wearing and able to maintain its quality. The rugs have been cleverly woven in such a way that the feel wonderfully textured underfoot. 


We recommend using a rug underlay to prevent the rug from slipping, and to protect any dark colours transferring onto a light-coloured floor. 

Product code: 54205