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Padstow Rug




These exclusive hand-loomed modern rugs from Bhadohi, India are a superb contemporary and warm rug for your home. Our collection of Padstow rugs have been lovingly crafted by hand, with the with the best wool and a simple colour. Constructed with a cut and loop pile, these soft and dense rugs are of the highest of quality.  

Product Details:

·        Material: Wool

·        Shape: Rectangle

·        Type: Modern

·        Construction: Hand Loomed

We Love this Rug because it is:

·        Hardwearing

·        Soft and Sumptuous

·        High Density

·        Superb Quality

·        Modern Design

·        Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly

The Story behind this Rug

Our Padstow rugs have travelled from one of the biggest rug-industry regions in India. Carefully selected for their quality and value, these modern rugs are an elegant addition to any space, with a simple colour that adds an element of luxury.  

The soft wool used to create these rugs is extremely durable and a timeless home addition. With a variety of sizes available, the Padstow rug can fit into any space. The Padstow rugs are available in an assortment of colours; whether you’re looking for a subtle neutral shade or a bold raspberry colour, this rug covers many variations. Its travels add a unique charm to this rug that is rare to find.


We recommend using a rug underlay to prevent the rug from slipping, and to protect any dark colours transferring onto a light-coloured floor.