New Year’s Eve Party Craft Ideas

There is nothing better than bringing in the New Year with your family and friends, but after the organisations and budget that goes into pulling off the perfect Christmas, you may want something a bit more laid back for your New Year’s Eve party. Below we have some crafty suggestion of things to make and do to accessorise your News Years Eve party this year.

New Year Garland

After the fallout from Christmas, you will no doubt have an ample supply of cards, wrapping paper, ribbons and bows. Rather than stuffing them in the back of a cupboard for the next twelve months, get creative and use them to create a New Years Eve garland and party accessories. You can be as creative as you want using whatever resources you have. For the main New Years garland, you could either cut words or numbers out of paper or card that can then be attached to string or ribbon. A great idea for decorative garlands is to cut shapes such as stars or circles that can be wrap in decorative paper.

Resolution Tree

We all make New Year resolutions, normally after a glass or two of champagne. If you want to document your resolution and share it with your friends and family, make a resolution tree. You can either use your Christmas tree, an existing tree, or a selection of decorative sticks in a vase. All you need to do is make tags out of card or paper, and then attach string or cotton. During your party your guest can fill out a resolution card and attach it you the tree. If you don’t want to use a tree, you can use post it notes, or paper that you can be folded up and put into a bowl.

Home Made Confetti

If you don’t want to buy party poppers for the moment the clock strikes midnight, why not make your own confetti to bring in the New Year? If you have materials like tissue paper, ribbon, and metallic wrapping paper, you can cut them up to create your very own confetti. This can either be put in bowls, or in small gift boxes you might have left over from Christmas. No matter what size party you want to throw, these craft ideas can help give your home a party atmosphere without having to break your holiday budget.

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