Our Favourite Winter Rugs for a Cosy Christmas

Fabrics can contribute greatly to a room’s feeling of cosiness and warmth. Although wooden or hard flooring can look stylish and sleek, there’s nothing worse than having cold feet. If your feet are cold, the rest of your body feels cold – not something you want during the winter months! A simple and effective way to warm the space up is through the use of a strategically placed rug. Rugs are a great flooring insulator and, with the right rug choice, you can have something wonderfully soft to walk on. To help you feel cosy this Christmas, here are our favourite winter rugs:

Cambridge Shaggy Rug

Shaggy rugs take the top spot for our favourite cosy rugs. Their thick pile makes them perfect for adding warmth and comfort to your home. Our Cambridge Shaggy Rug is great because it comes in a variety of lovely, neutral colour options that are warm and inviting. Colours play a large role in helping to transform a room into a warm and inviting space. Warm neutral colours are best for this, so the beige, brown, and warm grey versions of our Cambridge shaggy rug will be great for keeping your home cosy this winter.

Aysgarth Shaggy Rug

Another of our favourite winter rugs is our Aysgarth rug. Similarly to our Cambridge rug, this rug is extremely warm and sumptuously soft to walk on. This rug is great for those that want a bit of subtle pattern while also providing a good level of cosiness. The neutral colours maximise the rug’s ability to warm a space – we particularly love the dark grey colour. And with large sizes available, this rug is great at insulating your flooring and helping to keep your room nice and warm.

Sheepskin Rugs

All sheepskin rugs are well-known for the luxurious comfort they add to your flooring. With clean fleece fibres, our sheepskin rugs are of the finest quality and are perfect for making a space feel warm and inviting. The various colour options mean that you can make a bold statement with a bright yellow or purple, stick to the classic and luxurious cream, or add some festive warmth with a lovely deep red. The natural sheepskin works to create a snug space that you will enjoy spending time in during the festive season. Your toes certainly won’t be cold! As well as investing in the perfect cosy rugs to make your home feel cosy and inviting, there are various other interior tricks that can transform your home even further:

Subtle Lighting

Lighting is key to setting the ambience of a room. Bright lighting can be too harsh and give the perception of a cold and uninviting space. To instead emanate a warm and inviting glow, try and introduce subtle and soft lighting to place around the room. Dimmable lights are perfect as you can adjust the brightness as and when you need to. Fairy lights are great as they not only look great, but they produce the perfect level of lighting without it being too harsh.

Cosy Furnishings

Adding a few cosy furnishings here and there can really make a room feel comfortable and snug. Add some fluffy or shaggy pillows in neutral colour tones to both your bed and sofa. Layering cushions is great for maximising the feeling of cosiness. As well as this, layering textures in general is great practice for introducing a warm feeling to your space. Add a throw to the end of your bed and a hang a few cosy blankets of your sofas. The cosy layers combined with the softness of the light features results in a space you will be excited to retreat to on a cold winter evening! With this knowledge of our favourite winter rugs for a cosy Christmas, alongside our lighting and furnishing tips, your home will be transformed into a cosy zen that you won’t want to leave! If you would like some more information on any of our rugs, please do not hesitate to contact us. For more interior design inspiration and tips, don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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