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room size rugs and room rugs

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Rug Traders supply a fantastic range of colours, materials and designs to cater for different environments and challenges. Featuring a wide variety of room rugs to suit your space, we want you to find the perfect addition to your bedroom, kitchen, living room or hall.

We understand that every person has a different vision for how they want their home to look, which is why we offer a wide range of room rugs in different styles. For example, our traditional rugs will add elegance to your space, and our room sized rugs will add a great focal point to the room.


Living Room Rugs

Rug Traders supply a fantastic selection of rugs to compliment your living room. Featuring both bold and muted colours, as well as stunning designs. View now.


Kitchen Rugs

Stain resistant, lightweight and easy to clean, Rug Traders have a brilliant range of durable Kitchen Rugs.Browse today and order online for excellent value for money!

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Hallway Runners

If you're looking to add that extra touch to your hallways, then our fantastic range of hallway runners is the perfect solution. With designs and shades to suit any home, you're bound to find the best rug for your space.

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Bedroom Rugs

Rug Traders caters for a wide range of tastes with our fantastic selection of Bedroom Rugs. Whether you prefer a more modern or traditional design, with our wide variety of rugs you'll find the best rug to help you sleep at night.


Room sized rugs offer a grounding point to the space, anchoring furniture and providing warmth and comfort to hardwood, stone and lino flooring. Browse our selection of handpicked room rugs today, available to order online at excellent value for money. If you would like more information, please contact our friendly team today on 08453 409306.